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  1. I'll tell you right away, I'm not so well versed in this topic. I read the Divine Comedy, I read 2/3, unfortunately, it was a waste of time, this book should not just be read, but studied, because there are a lot of historical figures in it and from references to historical events that an ordinary person has not even heard of. I think some historians, philosophers went from A to Z all the circles of hell according to Dante. But I will still try to answer based on my knowledge + using a little logic, although it is unlikely that it is appropriate here.
    So, let's go on the rise.
    1st circle-unbaptized, but not caught in unrighteous deeds-NO
    2 circle-debauchery-POSSIBLE.
    3 circle-gluttony, that is gluttony-POSSIBLE
    4 circle – greed – POSSIBLE
    5 circle-anger and laziness-POSSIBLE
    Then there are much tougher circles, so let's focus on these for a moment. I believe that the first 5 circles should be immediately dismissed, they can get a consequence from the desire, because selling your soul to the Devil (it turns out Lucifer) usually gets something in return, which eventually leads to sins. But these sins are not comparable to the fact that a person simply renounced God and made a deal with Hell…
    6 circle – heretics and false teachers (carrying heresy, leading the Children of God astray) – PERHAPS he belongs here, because he is, in fact, a heretic
    7 circle-rapists and murderers-PERHAPS if the consequences of the transaction led to violence
    8 round – the pimps, the false teachers, prophets, diviners, witches, corrupt, hypocrites, flatterers, thieves, alchemists, perjurers and counterfeiters + get here the priests who traded the Church posts – PROBABLY the same as with 7 round, the consequences of
    the 9th circle of apostates and traitors of the Motherland/relatives/loved ones/friends/benefactors/Majesty divine and human, is POSSIBLE if the consequences of the transaction is commensurate with the sins of these people:Brutus (betrayed Caesar), Judas Iscariot (traitor to Christ), Cassius (traitor, murderer of Caesar) – eternal guests.
    Bottom line: in my humble opinion, the place of this person is either the 6th circle, as a heretic, taking into account that he did not commit an even more shameful sin with this transaction. Or the 9th circle, as a traitor to the Majesty of God, because he not only turned away from God, but also colluded with the Devil. Also, it seems to me that, as I already wrote, Lucifer is the Devil here, so it would be logical if he himself makes a deal with you, then your soul should eventually belong to him, in his circle…
    Thank you all for your attention.

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