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  1. To share the beauty of life with another person. To have someone to consult, share your thoughts, laugh with, even have a fight sometimes.

    There will come a time when you will want warmth next to you and then “easier” will no longer look like “better”.

    And it's not just about taking. Giving is also a great joy. You will be able to take care of others, be interested, encourage, inspire, advise, soothe. This is something that you will be deprived of when you are alone.

  2. A clastic example is to give someone a glass of water, but, as practice has shown, you don't even want to drink, and then the bartender can come to the rescue, who will pour you what you definitely want for a small amount…

  3. But is it really that it's easier to live alone?�

    It was impossible for an ancient person to survive without a family, especially for a woman.

    Even when there were no marriages as such, families were still formed in order to jointly provide protection, food, warmth, and care for their offspring, that is, to effectively meet basic needs.�

    The family division of duties (husband hunts, wife lights and maintains the fire in the hearth) is much more effective, isn't it? But not only is the family built on survival, but something important must first arise: love, the desire to be together ” for better or for worse.”

    In the modern world, a family is not a prerequisite for the survival of an individual, but for the full satisfaction of the need for love and belonging, as well as for the psychological health of new members of society (children), the creation of a family is an important condition.�

  4. Because we are paired beings. We complement each other. That is why even the most avid bachelors suddenly have a thought: or maybe it's time to start a family?

    Only in the family can you get the greatest positive emotions — that very happiness.

    But we must remember that in the family we also get the most negative emotions.

    The closer a person is, the more they make you happy, and the more they can hurt you.

    But this is normal.

    I can't imagine my life without my wife and daughter. Why do I need such a life?

    Without them, I'd be sleeping under a bench somewhere right now.

  5. The question does not imply that it is easier for me personally to live alone, but that it is so for almost everyone: you don't need to take care of someone and adapt to their habits and views on life, you don't need to earn money and time to raise your offspring, etc.

    Really? )) Each person was interviewed and each reported that yes it is subjectively easier for him?

    But people get dogs – have you ever encountered such a phenomenon? Also in city apartments. So some cons – dirty, you need to feed, you need to treat, you need to walk and collect poop. What for? Isn't it supposedly easier to live alone?

    And here's another example : why call your relatives by phone? It costs money, sometimes even expensive. Why is this even necessary? It's not easier this time …�

    stop, and what should I spend this time on?

    Well, here's a surprise for you. For a huge part of people, communication is an independent value for which they want to work, change ,” etc.”

    Absolutely amazing, incredibly, but your grandmother really takes pleasure in feeding you. It's easier to live without wasting time and money, but it's just nice for her. It is not a” glass of water ” that she is waiting for, but it is pleasant for her to make her grandson feel good. It is also pleasant to receive a certificate of care in response, and not the “glass of water” itself.

    But if there is no need, then to create a family, of course, no need.

  6. Personally, I started a family because it's more fun together. There is always someone to talk to about interesting things, discuss reading, watch lectures, watch a movie, go for a walk, and finally have a beer.�

    Well, there is always sex at home. And with unshaven legs, too, there is.

    And when the temperature and the head hurts, they will give you a tablet, water, tea, food…�

    And there is someone to carry bags from the store.

    In general, in some moments, on the contrary, it is easier not to be alone.

    And so everyone decides for himself why he needs it.

  7. In my humble opinion, it is necessary to start a family with a loved one. Just because you (both) want it. What for? I don't know if a loved one is close by. Here I will immediately explain one nuance: with a stamp or without a stamp – it does not matter. Just because you want to come home and that person is already there. Or it will come soon. Question from the series ” what is love?” People who started a family will answer simply-because they wanted to. Yes, there is the influence of public opinion, procreation, and instincts… I can say that this is true. And the truth is that two people decided to start a family. And a child is the highest degree of manifestation of love (in my understanding and life position). A child is born in the family. In a family where there is love. All these are strange and sometimes inaccessible to literal expression of ideas and meanings. This is from the world of sensations, feelings. I.e. that which cannot be touched. And of course, some people will always be able to explain to other people from a scientific point of view that all this is nothing more than their own fiction (and in fact all this is not there, and maybe not even ourselves). And all this is explained simply by some quite logical electrical impulse.

    Is it easier for one person? Yes, it is possible. Only boring. And family is fun. After all, there are more options for all sorts of situations, behavior and all sorts of force majeure in general, along with truly pleasant, heartfelt, joyful, emotionally overwhelming, inspiring, interesting moments. And it's not about boredom. Just in my opinion, this is logical when you create a family with a loved one (as I said earlier). If you have love , you have family. And when there is no love, then creating a family for the sake of a “tick” is in my opinion a dubious pleasure. Although the knowledgeable say that love comes with the years

  8. The initial premise is wrong: it's not easier to live alone. More precisely, someone is easier, he does not get married. And someone-no, with the corresponding consequences in the form of marriage. Then the options begin: the marriage failed – the person shouts that it would be better to live alone, and so on.

    And one more thing: let's not forget that a person wants to leave offspring by himself. This is inherent in our nature, although, of course, also not without exceptions. Moreover, the offspring are not only physiologically: he knocked up a girl and fell off, but also to raise his heir (s) in accordance with his ideas about life.

    But even in the purely domestic sense, it is easier to live in a properly organized family than alone. Either a division of labor is formed that suits both parties, or, less often, they agree to work together. I am talking about a good family, and not about a house-building system, when the husband needs everything ( and this, of course, suits him), and the wife only wants to serve him.

  9. Financially, it is easier for a loner to exist in a modern environment, but life is not a simplified existence. This existence is not only here and now, but also in the past (in their own or joint memories) in dreams about the future (their own or joint) and about their infirm old age and end, how, where, in what conditions. Well, which option is brighter, richer in sensations? Here is the one and choose!

  10. Simpler doesn't mean it's brighter or more interesting. There are a number of needs that a person living alone will never be able to close. They are closed only in pairs. While the needs are not closed, it is difficult for a person to live in harmony with himself, inside anxiety, emptiness, nervousness, or apathy, and many other things can cause anxiety. And if you ask such a question, then apparently you are not ready for a family yet. When you mature, then the question will disappear by itself.

  11. He lived both in marriage and alone. For myself from past relationships, I learned the following: if there is a “half” next to you who is “sharpened” to solve “their needs” – this is like a “wormhole”! Conversely, a “soulmate” who shares your goals, thoughts, and views completes your integrity and you can achieve a lot together. There is such a concept – synergy, when the efforts of two people give not a double, but a triple result! Therefore, I do not agree that it is easier for one person… In my opinion, on the contrary – much easier to do together and achieve a lot!
    My goal in life is high, and many people do not understand. That is why there is no companion around now. Someone who understands what I'm doing and what it's all about. The one with which the goals and values in life coincide. Sometimes you really don't have enough female friends! Not a man's friend, but a woman's friend! One believer once said about such a woman: A woman is a strong back of a man, his back is covered! (as in the expression: “Even if the whole world turns against you, I will stand behind your back and silently serve bullets”…) So while one, and the age of only 48-almost boyish… 🙂

  12. Do people create families just because of traditions nurtured on the instinct of reproduction?

    Isn't that reason enough? Instinct is the strongest force. Procreation is the main task of any living creature. It is very difficult to resist this program. Differences in the behavior of individual individuals are due to the fact that the breeding instinct is expressed in each to a different degree.

    Man is a highly social animal. Even inveterate hermits often need constant company, especially from the opposite sex. Otherwise, the reproductive instinct constantly pursues them with the help of hormonal imbalances, leading to constant health problems – stress, depression, apathy…

    In addition to psychological problems, everyday tasks are also solved. Many things are easier to do together than alone, even if it concerns only moral support.

    The vast majority find it harder to live alone, because humans as a species are not designed for this. It is not for nothing that isolation from society is considered the most powerful punishment.

  13. Simply put, it is a comparative characteristic. Did you compare it? If so, then the question probably wouldn't be there any more – it would already be clear whether you need it or not. If you haven't tried it, then what is the basis for the statement “easier”? Just the same, in most life situations, starting with the most everyday ones, it is easier to be not alone – you can separate tasks and tasks, insure each other and complement each other emotionally. Just finding the right partner is not an easy task. If you can't solve it , then yes, it's easier to be alone. And even more preferable, because the pairs that arise on the principle of “just not one” are a very toxic formation.

  14. Why do something in life, to develop, when not to do and degrade easier? Because easier doesn't mean better, fuck.�


  15. Complete the “duty”. I personally don't feel obligated to give birth. I already feel that my time, which should belong to me, is being taken away from me. In general, I see the point in life in getting rid of external stimuli.
    I prefer to rent a house, I don't have to worry about the state of my home, I don't have to deal with the management companies or the neighbors who did it later.
    I prefer to change my job, I can't get a mortgage, if something doesn't suit me significantly at work, I can easily look for another one.
    Just like with people, if their communication makes it hard for me, I stop communicating with them, meeting them.
    If a factory is built in the city and the environment is terrible, I'm not going to fight, I'll move to another place. If there is a war or an economic crisis in the country, I will not wait for better times, I will change the place to a more favorable one.
    You can lose everything, so I don't think you need to get attached to anything. The best investment is yourself, such diversity, knowledge and experience that will help you survive in any conditions. Be always in the black, live modestly, but have investments for safety net. But do not hold on to this money as something valuable, because it can happen at least that they can also be lost. I identified the necessary knowledge for myself: these are of course foreign languages, English and Spanish. A level slightly above average, the ability to convey thoughts, understand people will do.
    Further, this is knowledge that can bring income. You should be able to earn money anywhere. Further, these are qualities, to be open, friendly, to be able to establish contact, to be able to negotiate. Willingness to take deliberate risks. You also need to be able to maintain a conversation, be well-read. It would be good to know the history of the earth's existence and be able to predict events with this in mind and benefit from it, to be observant. Get rid of consumerism, imposed standards, separate the necessary from the unnecessary. Ability to cope with difficulties, learn lessons. The ability to take and give. The ability to simply ask someone for something without fear of rejection. Travel more, see more of the world.

  16. The question concerns the problem of understanding the family in its true sense. Family means love. If you know what love is, you will agree that it brings more meaning to your life. Support for the idea of loneliness usually conceals the desire for liberation from other people's imposed rules. When you're forced to do something you don't want to do. However, it is worth remembering that any pleasure tends to get boring quickly. And it turns out an interesting paradox-and freedom can get boring and the constant desire to “take care” regardless of how you feel and what your mood is. You need to take into account something else, throughout life, strength and health will go away and it will not be easier. I live alone and when I once realized that I was starting to get sick, I had to think ahead about what products and supplies I needed to collect for the next 2 weeks and what to cook in case I got even worse. As it happened later, it was hard for me to get up from the couch, because when walking, there was a gag reflex, and there was no need to put me in the hospital. The expectation of a special spark and the fact that you really like someone when you are already under 30, slowly loses meaning compared to the need to be with someone close and just support each other. If you want to live and thrive as a single person, then you should think about it. I, on the other hand, convinced myself that dying alone wasn't as bad as people used to describe it. It's scary to die, leaving helpless children alone in a world where not only technology is developing, but also ways of deception, crime and worse. In general, there are disadvantages and advantages everywhere, the question is what fears are easier for you to deal with and what circumstances make your life more fulfilling. And this already needs to be viewed individually.

  17. It's probably easier for you because you haven't met a worthy companion yet. A happy family is built on a community of interests or passions. Children are not a unifying factor but a consequence of your love. If you are a fan of Manchester United, for example, or simply adore Freddie Mercury from childhood and this adoration does not decrease over the years, you should at least start looking for a person in these passions. A special jackpot is when you have a lot of interests or vocations that match. For example, I write books, and my wife likes to draw illustrations. Don't chase other people's images of a happy family. It seems to me that a happy family is when every day it is interesting to be with a person next to you.�

    upd: and besides, family members live happier and longer according to statistics)

  18. Do you want to be convinced that this is the right thing to do? I would rather look for a reason, but why is it so difficult for you to live with people? In principle, a person is a social being, he does not exist outside of society. There are certain psychotechnical practices that require privacy – but this is part of a certain path of self-improvement. If we are talking about ordinary life, then it is common for a person to live with someone.

  19. If this is the way the question is put, then there is no need.�

    Another thing is that one day you will meet a person and do not want to leave. And then come children, joint activities, history and the experience you love.�

    If we proceed from the egocentric statement, then the meaning is also egocentric, that is, no )

  20. so no one forces you to. If you don't want to start a family, don't, what's the problem? public opinion? well, if you follow it everywhere, it will be hard to live at all, so listen to yourself and take your interests into account first of all

  21. Man is a social animal. It is obvious to anyone other than a desperate introvert that being completely alone is the same as gradually going mad. However, this is an extreme moment – without any human communication at all. Family – the opposite extreme, constant close communication with another person. It (family), indeed, is not mandatory for many, especially given the latest trends in society (information technologies that allow you to be physically alone, but at the same time do not limit a person in communication, and in volumes that were unimaginable by previous generations). In addition, we will add (if we are talking about the family) gender equality, which, although not everywhere, and not fully, but already exists. And we get a modern society, where the family is already outliving itself as a so-called “social unit”. However, in the near future, thanks to traditions, it will still exist. But to create or not-at the moment it is a purely personal matter, in contrast to the historical epochs that are not so distant from us.

  22. I believe that, both now and many centuries ago, families are created in order to give birth and raise children who are easier to raise in a couple. The possibility of having children is a small fraction of the relative immortality that is allowed to almost every person, hence this desire. If we are not talking about children, then yes, everything is true: it is more difficult to live with someone than alone, but you can adapt to this)

  23. No need if you don't want to. But it is so arranged that over the course of life we change, and with us our needs, views, and desires change. It turns out that living alone is better at a particular stage of life. Then many people develop a desire to start a family, or it is banal to be as close as possible to a loved one. Then it is better to start living not alone.

  24. Simply put, this is who, a complete egoist? And then, where is the guarantee that this is not self-deception? People do this very often, even the smartest of the smartest. Man is a social animal, and there can be no objections here. It is in our core, in our genetics, to have friends and sexual partner (s). Without this, how can you live, and most importantly-why? Procreation is the meaning of the existence of any biological object. Other meanings, only its derivatives, which does not detract from their significance separately. Why then be surprised that almost everyone aspires to start a family – after all, this is a well-established way to give offspring from time immemorial, and partially satisfies the need for communication. Just because I have such a “technical” view of things doesn't prevent me from feeling exalted about how beautiful nature is or the girl walking down the street with me. This is something like the law of struggle and the unity of opposites.�

    Despite the fact that I am an unbeliever, in this case, I do not see a single reason to disagree with the point of view of Christianity in this regard. Ana†Olius the Gray absolutely correctly justified everything from the point of view of sacred texts. If you do not agree to (or don't know/understand) that people closer together, as for profit like “be fruitful and multiply”, �to support each other in this difficult time, and for the sake of something more noble and romantic, it may cost you to think hard about how true your picture of the world.

    That was the introduction. Some people may think that I did not understand the essence of the question and went into vague literary and philosophical reflections, but this is not the case. Living alone is not easier, but more difficult. I repeat that starting a family is what we were born to do, our goal and essence as social animals. But the answer to your question lies slightly in a different plane, as they say-the devil is in the details. And what is meant by “family” and “easier to live”? Think about it for at least a couple of minutes.�

    Some people who know me pretty well would probably be pretty surprised by what I wrote here, because singles like me should still be looked for. But this doesn't mean that I don't believe in the idea of “family”, that I believe that one is better off. I will describe my position in the great words of Omar Khayyam: “…it's better to be alone than with just anyone.” Here's the salt and spices. When we say that it is easier to be alone, we, in fact, just very often run into those people who are not our friends or relatives, but “just anyone”. In that case, I like to say that ” hell is other people.” Accordingly, paradise is those people whose souls are related to you. That's all. The problem is that we don't fit the people around us, and they don't fit us. And this is already a question of choosing the right life path in general, and specific people in it, in particular. Here, very prosaic things should come into play, such as what are the best ways to find the right people for yourself. Unfortunately, many people do not have enough intelligence, or something like wisdom, but rather both, to approach this issue as thoroughly as possible. You know, there is such a common joke: you don't know whether to eat or sleep. That's about the same way people find friends and spouses. They have no unity of opposites, one struggle. Such people rely too much on their instincts, bypassing critical thinking, which is facilitated by incorrect social attitudes, such as the one that tells us to quickly find someone and run to the registry office, otherwise you see, what is it in girls/bachelors to sit forever. And then they complain that all men are goats, women are fools, children are spinogryz, and the institution of the family has exhausted itself. You can argue with me, after all, situations like “marriages are made in heaven” are rare, which means, after all, the concept of family has exhausted itself? Well, why not? Probably everyone has a mate in this world, but not everyone finds one. This is no reason to doubt the very idea of search. People have already tried a lot – Sodom and Gomorrah, hippie communes, solo life… And what, it brought happiness to many people? That no one else takes an oath of allegiance? That's the same thing.

    Therefore, it seems that many of us become cynics and egoists from a series of failures in life, and those who have everything going well, there is no reason to doubt themselves and others, torment themselves with questions “why” and “why”.

  25. good question.

    There is such a tradition to call your girlfriend, wife, boyfriend, husband-the second half. In other words, this concept contains the idea that the person himself does not have integrity in himself, he thinks of himself as part of a puzzle and for the fullness of life, feeling, meaning, he needs another puzzle.
    In principle, the Biblical tradition describes the union of a man and a woman as a single union of two beings who help themselves (ideally) to become whole, complement each other, form, carve, support, etc.�

    18 And the LORD God said, It is not good for a man to be alone; let us make him a helper according to him.
    21 And the LORD God caused a deep sleep to fall upon the man; and when he fell asleep, he took one of his ribs, and covered the place with flesh.
    22 And the LORD God formed a woman out of the rib that he had taken from the man, and brought her to the man.
    23 And the man said, Behold, this is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called woman, because she was taken from a man.
    24 Therefore a man will leave his father and mother and cleave to his wife, and they will become one flesh.
    (Genesis 2: 18-24)

    For example, in Russia, a pair of oxen or horses harnessed to one team was called “co-teamsters”, in other words, spouses. That is, there is a certain supportive function of marriage, a union that makes it easier for two people to bear the hardships of life.�

    9 Two are better than one, because they have a good reward for their labor:
    10 For if one falls, the other will lift up his companion. But woe to one when he falls, and there is no other to lift him up.
    11 Also, if two people lie down, it is warm for them; but how can one get warm?
    12 And if any man overcomes one, then two will stand against him: and the thread that is threefold will not soon be broken.
    (Eccl. 4: 9-12)

    But I repeat that this is ideal. This is what happens to those who are aware of this goal of marriage-to learn to live together, to learn to forgive, to tolerate, to change, to compromise, to negotiate ,in general, to correct the nature of two egoists and teach them to be sacrificial, which is not inherent in an egoist. However, it just so happens that the growing human egoism wins and such an institution as marriage and many now speak about the institution of the family as a relic of the past, looking for something in return, setting themselves up to live alone, there is even such a thing as guest marriage – that is, human egoism came up with such a maneuver-to look for only pleasure in relationships, Nothing personal, just business. This is all due to the nature of a person and his ability to “hack” everything and find his own workarounds. In Japan, by the way, the problem of relationships between the sexes is so serious that many young people get virtual girlfriends, rubber women and even marry them. ( this is well shown in Dmitry Komarov's series of programs about Japan. The world inside out.) Sexual release is still a serious human need and it is a kind of reward for the” work ” of marriage, but a person is only looking for release without these very works. (I'm looking for money, but I don't want to offer a job.)

    Of course, my answer will not be complete if I do not explain that it is given for the vast majority of people, but not for everyone. Still, there is really another path – the path of celibacy and dedication to some high ideals, but this path is suitable only for a select few, only a small number of people. Take, for example, such a doctrinal position as exists among Catholics and Orthodox Christians – at a certain level of the clergy, a person is forbidden to marry ( the highest ranks and hierarchs of the church). However, it turns out that some people get involved in this case, and then we hear from time to time about sexual scandals in this environment – and in a perverted form ( sodomy, pedophilia).
    It would be better to get married, Father – and I want to say this to such holy ascetics .)

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