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  1. There is no limit to the date of one thing in the question, so I would know multiple dates:

    1) The date of creation of the united Earth State.

    2) The date of foundation of the first settlement on Mars or the birthday of the first “indigenous” Martian. It will be especially funny if it turns out to be a date in the distant past.

    3) The date when humanity reached any planet outside the Solar System.

    4) Date of first contact with an alien mind.

    5) The date of invention of the “anti-aging medicine” and the date of death of the last person who died of old age

    6) The date of the invention of the “bioblockade”, that is, vaccination against all diseases.�

    7) Birthday of the first “posthuman”.

  2. I would know the exact date when, say, the first pharaoh of the first Egyptian dynasty came to power. Currently, the dates associated with the history of the ancient world can only be restored from the texts approximately, with an accuracy of a couple of centuries. Knowing that date, scientists would be able to correct the entire subsequent chronology of the ancient history of the Middle East and the Mediterranean.

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