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  1. Definitely Jews. Centuries of” righteous religious ” anger have made them flexible and resilient to any crisis, able to survive and support each other. They pass on something to their children from childhood that makes them smarter. The pressure of society has made them like a diamond, able to remove any obstacle to success.

  2. I would like to say, of course, in a patriotic way, that these are Russians, but, unfortunately, it is precisely the ” balance “(or, if you like, the ancient aesthetic sense of” proportion “that the Russian people have never known – Berdyaev spoke especially well on this topic in Russkaya Ideya), it is the” balance “that our people have lacked for centuries. Because of our spontaneous nature, we are always thrown into extremes for some reason, and the twentieth century is a particularly vivid confirmation of this…

    So it's not about us.

    For me, the most “balanced” people in this regard are Italians. I've been living in Italy for almost two years now, and I walk among them every day. And I see that these people, due to their many characteristics , are real lovers of life. Those who know how to enjoy life and appreciate pleasant moments.

    As a nation, they have, without exaggeration, the richest cultural heritage in the world. Their country has more than 2,000 years of cultural history, and is richer in events and highs than much older civilizations and countries like India or Greece. In terms of philosophy, they have the most significant ancient (Latin) and Renaissance baggage, of course, than everything that came after, but this, believe me, is quite a lot.

    At the same time, everything else that is listed in the question: a bright, life-loving, sparkling and ardent mentality, a great culture, philosophy, and an eventful history. Well, we will crown all this with the most beautiful climate and weather conditions. That's just how unlucky with earthquakes. Well, apparently, not without a fly in the ointment and in paradise))

    so for me definitely – Italians!

  3. If we look for the most” balanced ” nations, then they will be those that have not experienced significant external influences. And such a nation can only be found if it has existed since ancient times. Therefore, I think that it will be such peoples as the Chinese, Greeks, and so on. The Russians are a very young people, even compared to the European nations. Yes, by the way, the most” balanced ” peoples achieved their goals only for a short time. Only those peoples who had a lot of problems and were terribly “unbalanced”, such as Russians, Americans, and so on, lived and flourished for centuries as strong and powerful. I am referring here precisely to your criterion, namely, the harmonious development of various “branches” of people's life.

    If we talk not about peoples, but about nations and at the same time modern nations, then I must say that the most balanced will probably be the British. In their history, their own philosophy, political system (state), science, and art developed harmoniously, and they had a pronounced mentality even among Europeans. Now, of course, the British are a pale shadow of themselves… But still.

  4. And I will answer patriotically. The most balanced people are the Russians, because their permanent state is well described in the words (which I will highlight from the general context) of Bishop Serapion of Vladimir:�

    Se already to 40 years nearing languor and torment, and dan tyazhkyya on us do not stop, the surface, the sea belly (lives) of our. And we can't bring our bread into the sweetness of it. And our sighing and sorrow dry our bones.

    So whenever you ask a Russian about the state of affairs of the Russians, he can easily answer with a quote from Serapion:


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