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  1. I always do. And I think that it is wrong to treat a cat like an animal in the wild, you need to grab it, let it go, play with it and talk to it. I have seen a case where a cat was afraid to be disturbed once again and eventually grew up to be a wild and stupid animal. It seems to me that the animal needs some kind of interaction, and not just feeding and toilet. Naturally, violence should be avoided, but I know how to make peace with the cat if he suddenly gets angry with me.

    My cat is 14 years old, black Persian, he is smart and interesting. He comes when you call him “go comb your hair”, gives him a paw, if you tell him “toilet-toilet”, he also does this. He normally perceives guests, likes to sit with people in the same room. Apprehensively perceives my sister's dog, gave her a punch in the face once when they came. A couple of years ago, a cat was brought to him and he got great kittens, but the second time it didn't work out, and the cat went into labor, so he had to have surgery. And before that, we had a story when a kitten just opened its eyes got into the house from the ventilation, we left it, and the cat actively participated in this – taught it and played with it. Recently, he had to be taken to the vet and have his canine removed, but he endured it all very well. Well, in general, he is nice and lively, sometimes gloomy, sometimes affectionate. But if you touch it when it sleeps, it either purrs or makes a sound with a positive intonation, like hello.

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