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  1. That would be quite an oversimplification. In general, for climate change (including global warming), we can thank scientific and technological progress multiplied by the economic model in which we live and the culture of overconsumption.
    But, in fact, we owe scientists an understanding of these problems and the presence of at least some understanding of how to deal with the problem.

  2. Are we saying thank you to Copernicus for the fact that the Earth revolves around the Sun?

    Are we saying thank you to Newton for the fact that gravity exists on Earth?

    Do we say thank you to Mendeleev for the fact that chemical elements have certain properties that allow us to build them in a table?

    Who do we need to thank for the fact that the grass is green and the sun rises in the east? Some of the people in the depths of thousands of years also noticed and realized this first.

    Yes, and even in childhood, any child notices that the wind blows because the trees are swaying,

    Causality interferes with this perception of the world. With the exception of those people who are not able to build such a causal relationship.

    Scientists can say thank you for inflating the topic and not letting you get bored.

    You can predict what scenario of the death of civilization from “scientists” will be next, but I think there is not enough imagination.

    For example: powerful power lines and fiber-optic cables that have entangled the entire earth lead to a slowdown in the rotation of the core, a weakening of the magnetic field and a shift in the poles (They are shifting, well! It's easy to prove! It's obviously the person's fault!). Let's save the Earth, free it from the web of wires!

  3. You have to pay for everything. For comfort, for the lives saved by medicine, for the seven billion people who can be fed, for universal education, for fast transport, for means of communication, and many other benefits and achievements of a powerful human civilization, for which you must pay with the blood of your native biosphere — all this is impossible without a load on the planet that is unsuitable for this. Humanity needs more strength and energy to take full control of the planetary processes: manage the environment, weather, influence the movement of rivers and seas, volcanic eruptions and the movement of the lithospheric bowels-the development of the noosphere is not just an inevitable necessity, but also our responsibility to the Earth that nurtured us.

  4. “Is it true that for the fact that we live not 20, but 70-80 years, we should say thank you to scientists?” This is a question of the same subject matter

    About warming: �Yes, it is true, because global warming is an increase in the average climate system of the Earth caused by carbon dioxide emissions that began at the end of the XIX century. The reason for this is the industrialization caused by technological progress, which scientists have directly influenced.

  5. Animal husbandry accounts for about a quarter or even a third of all greenhouse gases, so we, the people, do not need to say “thank you” to scientists. Our requests for meat consumption are getting bigger every year with the growing population of our planet. It is said that by 2050, the amount of greenhouse gas emissions-and as a result, global warming-will lead to irreversible consequences in countries in Africa and Latin America.

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