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  1. It depends on the psychological type of the chooser.

    Type A will “fight or run”, Type B will lie low and try to wait it out. Naturally, pure types are almost nonexistent, but propensity is still biologically determined.

  2. Such questions are studied by the relatively new science of neuroeconomics. Its essence, if reduced, boils down to the fact that we consciously or unconsciously evaluate the result of an action and the costs of it. If the result is not worth more than the cost, then it is not worth doing anything. But at the same time, our choices at the moment are influenced not only by our experience and logical constructions, but also by blood sugar levels, mood from sunny weather, and basic neurotransmitter levels.

  3. In short , it's definitely worth it. If you still philosophize a little, then there are things that you don't have to fight for. As the saying goes, never run after a girl or a tram, because the next one will come.

    Personally, I always define for myself a certain measure of investment that I am ready to make in order to achieve the goal. If investments are made, but there is no result, I say – “not fate”, draw conclusions and move on. Yes, sometimes it is quite painful, but what to do? The main thing is to have a reason to say to yourself – I did(a) everything I could.

    And yet, a person must have a “chuyka” on my/not my. Develop it gradually. It usually comes with a sense of flow. Events develop in such a way that they inexorably lead you to a goal that you may not even see yet, but you can already clearly feel it approaching. And yet, at the thought of it, somewhere hidden, inside you is filled with joy!

    “Not yours” or even “someone else's” (these are different things!) usually you can see more specifically and want more, but all the events and people around you eloquently let you know that they don't see you in this role, with this person, in this position, etc. And there's something wrong with you inside… It's kind of disgusting… This feature is quite possible to navigate.

    By the way, I want to note that people should be trusted. If the majority of people who are sincerely disposed to you advise you something-listen! It makes perfect sense.

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