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  1. Ketchup or tomato paste? Tomato or vegetable? Food or item?

    Friedrich Nietzsche laid down the concept of the superman, and Jack London described it more than once in his books – the most striking example, probably, is “Martin Eden”, where the main character directly refers to himself as a Nietzschean.

    If we talk about the idea itself, then its father is Nietzsche, since he lived before and even wrote a book about it.

    If we talk about how it is presented more interestingly , then this is for Jack London, which is understandable, because he is a novelist.

    If we talk about these dissimilar people, then most likely Jack London, because his life was more exciting and his work was more popular, which means it was more interesting.

    Although the dispute is generally about vegetables and tomatoes, as it was said at the beginning.

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