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  1. Well, communism is actually different. What you have described is, yes, a primitive (archaic) system. But the problem is that society is developing in a spiral. It passes through class formations and proceeds on a new level to the negation of negation, that is, to communism. But this is no longer primitive communism. It differs from primitive communism in the following ways::

    1. Maximum development of the productive forces of society. Production is reaching a new level, manual labor is being replaced by machine labor (robotization of industry and agriculture, as well as everyday life).

    2. Socialization of property and conscious management of this property. Primitive man was a prisoner of natural cycles, yes, he had everything in common, but this common ruled man, and not he ruled this common. A drought, crop failure, or any epidemic turned a situation in which there were resources for life into a situation where there were no resources and life was impossible (entire tribes died out). Now it becomes impossible. Firstly, humanity is too numerous, and secondly, it builds relations with nature according to the type of equivalent exchange (this was even within the framework of Soviet socialism).

    3. A real unification of humanity. Primitive communism is the life of numerous isolated groups of people, often at war with each other. Planetary communism is the life of a single humanity.

    4. Free personality as the focus of conscious social reproduction. In primitive communism, the worldview of the individual

    It was completely dependent on the traditions and laws of society, completely determined by the development of stereotypes, myths, beliefs, etc.that do not depend on a person. Within the framework of planetary communism, the individual becomes for the first time on a par with society (even under any type of socialism, this cannot be achieved), a harmonious unity arises. This is not an “anthill” in which each person is a slave to externally imposed norms, it is not a “loneliness of wolves”, when everyone is left to himself and competes for resources with each other, suppressing the other and living at his expense. This is precisely the state for which there is no name in the language, in which the individual freely appropriates all the wealth of previous generations and intelligently chooses what to accept and what to reject.

    5. Power-consent and power-management. The principle of voluntary power. Power in a communist society belongs to professional communities and Councils, which are based on the principle of constant rotation. In primitive society, power belonged to the chosen leader, who was valued for his dexterity, skill, and courage. In campaigns, his power was absolute, at other times it belonged to the elders (guardians of the tribe). Within the framework of the principle of voluntary power, the “constancy of power” is abolished. Under planetary communism, supreme power is vested in everyone – this is the power of consent, hegemony, while those who directly govern are endowed with conditional power, revocable and replaceable. There are no “guardians”, “elders”. Moreover, power is decentralized (which could not be the case in primitive tribes) and a person can refuse to trust the ruler.

    6. The principle of voluntary work and participation in society. Everyone will be given a conscious choice – to live in society (with the ability to change it), but with respect for others. or reject the principles of this society and withdraw from it. In primitive society, the removal from the life of society meant death, the person who left the tribe could not survive alone. Within the framework of a communist society, there will be special (small) zones or landscapes within the framework of the planet Earth (and then other developed planets), where people who have chosen care can freely live. The rest of us won't have the right to disturb them. It is possible that some people will be provided with care in the “virtual world”, connection to the full version of the space-time simulation of reality with robotic programs-interlocutors. At the same time, a person will be immersed in a certain contact cyber environment, connected to feeding machines and waste removal devices, put a visor on his head, a contact suit on his body-and that's it. Goodbye to reality. He will be able to get out of this reality by himself, interrupting it at will.

    7. The principle of humane punishment (or social rehabilitation).

    In primitive society, it was considered normal to kill or expel a person from the tribe for a crime or misdemeanor. In a society of planetary communism, execution will be an exceptional case, if it does not disappear altogether. The society will provide criminals with various forms of social rehabilitation with restrictions on their freedom in relation to other members of society. If the crime involves a violation of the inviolability of the individual-murder, causing serious harm to health or rape, then the criminal will be forcibly deprived of contact with others and evicted to again certain, fairly extensive zones where he will be given the opportunity to work and relax next to people like him under the supervision of tracking devices. A repeated crime within such a zone will be considered as an excuse to leave this person there forever, until the end of their earthly life. Upon release (which will occur automatically after the zone's guardians decide that the offender has been rehabilitated), the former offender is granted all rights except one-he should not seek contact with the victim or her relatives (this is prohibited). If you try to re-establish contact with them on your own, they will be placed in the” exclusion zone ” forever.

    8. Taboos and morals. The principle of ethical and scientific organization of life.

    A planetary communist society will not conduct either religious or atheistic propaganda among its members, or impose on them a particular moral way of life. The majority of its members, however, will choose the most complete appropriation of the wealth of ethical development of mankind + the most complete scientific attitude towards this wealth. As a result, certain moral codes will be formed spontaneously or consciously, which will be followed by collectives of people on the planet, and even a general planetary code is possible. This will not be a “law”, but violation of some parts of such a code will be punished (see above), other parts will not be, but people will be free to choose whether to communicate with such a person or leave him to his fate. If within the framework of primitive society the moral system is a system of rigid taboos, then within the framework of planetary communism, something that does not cause serious and deep damage to the human psyche and body will not be the object of”tabooing”. For example, hitting people for no reason or beating up their relatives will be censured up to the point of isolating such a person in a rehabilitation center until such tendencies are corrected. A person always has the right to refuse “punishment”, but even then those around him have the right to determine by a collective decision the place of his residence “exclusion zone”, where he will not be able to cause harm to others. On the other hand, in a planetary communism, there will be no such things as forced marriage or compulsory family living until adulthood. It will not be penalized if an adult chooses a union with several partners, generally lives alone without having sexual relations, has sexual relations but does not live together, and so on. In most cases, what we call marriage (and what the people of communism would call a free union) will most likely fall into two types of unions. Within the same union, people will not take responsibility for raising children. Joining such a union will be entirely a private matter. But to raise children, you will need to pass certain tests or tests. And it will be a completely different type of union. At the same time, people will be warned that the truth that will be revealed to them about themselves or about their partner as part of the tests for the right to be parents can destroy their relationship altogether, provided that they do not love each other. That is, only people who truly love each other will be able to pass this test. In this sense, we can say that if the family was an automatic duty of primitive people and a source of taboo and they had no choice, then people will have a choice. Yes, some may say that how then will the reproduction of the population be carried out, if birth can only be the lot of a certain type of couples. But mind you, I wasn't talking about birth. If, for example, a child is born to a couple who does not have the right to be raised, then this couple will be helped to raise it, and a special guardian will be appointed (public education of children). This pair, of course, will be offered to pass the tests. If they refuse, the child will not be taken away from them, but will be constantly monitored and helped. Such a child will gradually spend more time with other children in parenting centers and with their foster carer than with their biological parent pair. This will give the necessary relief to the “parents” who were not psychologically ready for his upbringing and preserve the child's respect and love for mom and dad (who will not beat him or yell at him out of frustration and unpreparedness for upbringing). In addition, the child will feel that he is not alone, he has “non-native brothers and sisters”, so they will call all children in parenting centers. In general, personal education will begin with an explanation of the basic principle of morality that all people of the Earth are brothers and sisters to each other, some native, and some “non-native” and distant, because we all have the same genome, we are all of the same species, all descended from the same ancestors. Therefore, the child will be taught that somehow humiliating or hitting another is like hitting or humiliating yourself. Gradually, all the children of the Earth will grow up and all the permanent marriage unions of people will become unions of the second type (a truly loving couple). Then there will be no need for special educational institutions, public education will not disappear, just parents of the second type will never be jealous of the child to society. For parents of the second type, it will be natural to raise their children partly within their own personal family, and partly in the common family of all people.

    There's still a lot to say. But in principle, this is enough. As we can see, primitive communism is in some ways very different from planetary communism. His mission was to preserve young humanity as a species, preserve the genome, avoid degeneration and death from natural threats, and at the planetary level – to help people develop a truly human side of their nature. This is not “building a paradise on Earth” at all. This is precisely the construction of the second level of relations – true sociality. So far, people (within the framework of class society) live largely by animal programs of subordination, appropriation and hierarchy. Our horizontal social ties are weak and formal. Therefore, we need “leaders”, “dictators”, “representatives of the elite”, “senators” and so on. to teach us how to live and “how to do it”. Moreover, as classes develop, the mutual alienation of people increases. In a sense, we are developing only the economy, and the sphere of relations between the individual and society is becoming more and more savage (in this sense, even primitive society may soon become an unattainable level of morality for us). Communism is the way to synthesize a socially and economically just system and humanistic morality. Something like that.

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