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  1. Counter question. What if you stayed in the bunker after a nuclear explosion with the same couple? Or were you locked up by a maniac in such a composition in his basement?

    What if the three of you are the last people on Earth?

    By unifying all the conditions to some abstract ones, we can deduce the following question.

    What if you are forced to be together in the company of a sexist and a radfemka, and circumstances do not allow you to go to your own corners?

    Hence the answer. These circumstances will serve as a new platform for connecting your micro-community. Old beliefs will have to be left behind for a long time, if not forgotten. Since the survival of your society will be urgently needed, and they will interfere.

    You don't have to do anything on purpose. Evolution and natural selection had already done it all millions of years ago, when they made the higher Primates social beings.

  2. I'll just stand back and wait for them to kill each other. True, it will probably take a long time to wait. When there is a question of survival, a person somehow easily and quickly forgets about ideology.

  3. You will have to have a personal conversation with two people separately, specifying that personal principles and interests are not appropriate, since only mutual assistance can help in survival. I think both survivors will not argue with this:)

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