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  1. That everyone is different, and that's okay, even if I don't like it;

    That for most of their lives, many people think that they still have everything ahead of them;

    That illiteracy-both literally and figuratively-can become the norm;

    That there are situations where the good will and motivation of all participants are not enough to correct them;

    That any scientific facts can later be refuted – by science.

  2. By the time I was forty, I suddenly realized: “All these gray-haired, wrinkled, hunched-over and chronically unhealthy people with whom I periodically cross paths are not a separate species. This is me-in 15-30 years.”

    1. Thoughts are material. When I understood how it works, I began to formulate my thoughts more consciously, and in general I began to study positive Thinking. I learned to control my mood, make the right wishes, and my life changed a lot.

    2. There is a time for everything. I'm in a hurry, I always need to be right here and right now. Over time, I realized that everything comes when it needs to. When I'm ready for it. I learned to trust the universe and life became easier.

    3. I am the creator of my own destiny and everything in this life depends on me. I stopped depending on other people's opinions, got rid of the imposed stereotypes and took responsibility for my life on myself. I sent them to blame everyone for the unfairness of life.

    As soon as I realized all this, my life changed. I started traveling, moved to India with my husband, only do what I like, communicate only with those who are interesting and inspire me.

    This short list helped me start living the life of my dreams.

  3. In youth, everyone thinks about themselves,after the birth of 5 children, you think not only about yourself.The lifestyle increases in the same amount.You should never stop if your achievements are really for life

  4. The world is friendly. I was never hunted, I created all the pain myself, somehow showing blindness and ignorance. The second is that the division into good and evil is conditional, that they are two parts of the same. Third, in my sober life, I discovered the knowledge of the heart, and this is a valuable brother to logic. She's an intuition. Working in tandem, the mind and intuition unmistakably give vision, clarity.

  5. The world is unfair, and it is not reasonable to expect a fair treatment of yourself. No one is obliged to return good for good. No one has to think highly of what you do for others.

    Everyone will die. You, your loved one, your parents, your children, your pet. This is 100%.

    Time is more expensive than money. Today you can earn money, time is just running out all the time.

    Women want sex more strongly and more often than men .

    Stars and famous personalities are just as much people as those who are unknown. Their fame is the merit of their team, thoughtful work, in which a lot of money is invested. The person himself in real life can be absolutely uninteresting or illiterate.

  6. One of the first memories from childhood, the most significant, vivid shock or something. I was five, maybe six years old, walking home with my dad from my grandparents ' house. It was a winter evening, and we were walking along one of the central streets of our city. There were a lot of people, everyone was going somewhere, hurrying, alone, in pairs, with children, and among them I, an open, inquisitive, kind, big-eyed child, was walking and thinking about something of my own, about children, looking at people with wide-open eyes. At some point, I don't know where the thought came from, because all these people have their own thoughts, their own dreams, their own desires, their own world. It was like a lightning strike!!! I've experienced something like this several times in my entire life, the last one quite recently, which means that not everything amazing is left in my childhood!!!

  7. Time is the most important resource

    People who screw themselves up are future suicides

    Always trust your gut�

    Only your mind can tell you the way out of the deepest bottom where you have sunk

  8. 1) There is no black and white, no absolute good and evil. There are people who do good or bad things, the difference is only in the proportions.

    2) You have to pay for everything and fight for it. Even for seemingly basic and self-evident things.

    3) We don't get what we deserve. We get what we get.

    4) All people and specifically I am mortal.

  9. There is no meaning in life, but there is a meaning to live. You are free to do what you want and only your desire is the criterion in choosing a business. Therefore, the only thing you need to learn in life is to want and understand why you want.In a word: enjoy life.

  10. No one's words are true. Sages, writers, teachers, philosophers, and parents are the same people, and they can also make mistakes. Not to mention that they lived in a different time, in a different place, with a different mentality and different starting conditions. Of course, you can try on their experience in your life, but don't be surprised if it doesn't work.

  11. I realized that there is no point in achieving anything in this life, because death will still take away from us both fame and wealth, and good deeds, and the fact that such and such a person was once.

  12. The more suicidal people there are, the less suicidal people there are.�

    Many successful and well-known personalities received only a school education.�

    Light travels from the Sun to Earth in 8 minutes and 19 seconds, to the nearest star in 4.25 light years, and to the boundaries of the observable universe in ~ 13.84 billion years. light-years(assuming that the distance in 1 light-year = 9,460,800,000 km)

  13. I don't remember the title of this book that a friend gave me, but it described P. Bragg's method of fasting. And I followed his recommendations, which became a part of my life. Since then, I have been a fan of a healthy lifestyle. I am very glad that my life has turned out this way. With respect.

  14. “if you don't do it yourself, no one will probably do it. because no one needs anything.

    “you can't trust anyone.

    -no one really needs you, except yourself, no one will help you, give you, explain and so on. if suddenly someone becomes-take care of such a person. maybe he's the first and last person who cares about you.

    “nothing lasts forever. no relationships, no friendships, no love, no career. everything is temporary. it is necessary to be happy and cherish while it is there, but remember that at any moment nothing can happen, so that it does not hurt excruciatingly when it happens, you must always be ready for it.

    “we will all die one day anyway, no matter what we do, no matter what lifestyle we lead, no matter who we pray to, no matter what we eat, no matter what we do, everyone is equal before death.�

    perhaps the most important thing is to enjoy what you have now and never forget for a second that one day you can lose everything.

  15. 1) No one owes you anything

    There is a feeling that the world around you (society, specific people) owes you something. Yes, even if you have achieved something for yourself, others do not have to reward you with something, including their attention. The following point follows from this:

    2) You are not unique

    There are millions of people like yourself in the world with the same problems as you (even worse). In this respect, if you objectify yourself, then you are no different from the majority.

    3) You're never right about anything

    Don't pretend to be a prophet or a wise man who thinks he knows everything. Even scientists who have been collecting facts for years, on the basis of which they build their hypotheses and theories, only create an interpretation of reality that is close to the truth, but no theory is 100% correct.

    4) Don't look for happiness in another person and don't try to be one yourself

    Never make a person the source of your happiness. Sooner or later the person will leave, and you will remain unhappy, as, in fact, you were before him.

    5) Help others in any way you can

    Life is hard and if you can help someone in something , it's a good thing.

    6) Music solves everything

    There is something magical about music, in which I personally dissolve and sort of “leave” reality. Music is an amplifier, a sedative, a catalyst, a bright or dark world in which everyone can find themselves.

    7) Don't compare people

    Everyone has their own weaknesses and strengths. Everyone has some experience, or none at all. Someone is beautiful and rich, and someone is terrible and poor. And many more variations of what kind of people exist around you. From all this, a person does not cease to be a person.

    8) Everything will end sometime

    They gave you a big routine task at work – don't worry, it will end and you will rest. A long flight on a plane for a vacation, and your phone is dead? Don't worry, the flight will end and you will be lying on the beach. Got a hard life and you think you'll make it? It is unlikely that life will also end, and you still did not have time to do what you planned (or did not want to)

    9) You always have time everywhere

    “Take your time, or you'll be late.” People are more likely to make mistakes-I do everything in a hurry or in a hurry. It is better to be a little late, apologize or correct, than to do something bad or even break your life.

    10) Do not invent, accept the facts as reality, no more

    Here, in principle, everything is already clear. Draw conclusions only based on facts. Do you doubt it? – Gather more facts.

    11) Take care of your health, all you have is just your body

    After all, we are just “bags of bones”. And all our beliefs, beliefs, addictions immediately disappear somewhere when life or health is in danger.

    12) Technology doesn't need your emotions

    It's even a little funny. Don't think that your car is ALIVE and that it will save you. Don't get your hopes up. Cogs and bolts are turned by people after all. Also, don't hit the monitor to make it work better. Maybe it will help, or maybe you will break it.

    1. Nothing is eternal. Fortunately, and unfortunately
    2. You can't control the other person (you can't control much at all)

    3. Everything passes, both the greatest happiness and the worst grief. But all this leaves traces in your life.

  16. Honesty, promises and oaths�don't work

    If you are told that you are sworn to, or if you are promised something,…, then this does not have any support at all. Like honesty, it is a purely imaginary insurance policy for you, which is determined by the interests of the other person. No matter what you are told, no matter how much you trust a person, they still have the right to do otherwise. If there are no other contractual guarantees that would be in the interests of another person, except for his honor and conscience (very relative phenomena), then all these phenomena are words of sound. As a result, if you were lied to, if your trust was surprisingly undermined, if the person did not do what he said he would do, then this is all your problem, that you made plans, trusted or made a deal.

    It may be trite, but judging by the environment, many people do not realize this. The most powerful problem born from here is conflicts in relationships. People are surprised when they are cheated on in a relationship. People don't protect themselves. People are not tested for venereology, in relationships. People do not share property and are mediocre in their approach to marriage registration. But having picked up problems, they reduce everything to “I trusted kokoko”.

    Relationships are not the only example, but they are quite vivid, because this is an important phenomenon for a person.

    You will never be able to understand what is in the other person's brain. You can trust the other person as much as possible, but in fact you have a significant probability of remaining in suckers. Perhaps the so-called love of your life, the parent of your children is currently fucking on the left or doing wirth with another person on the phone, although it looks like just texting with a friend. You can give guarantees, except for empty-sounding outliers in the style of “this is not so, we are loyal to each other”. Do you think that you don't need to go to the left, because you are completely satisfied with the person? Is he being honest with you about this? [Back to the beginning of the answer]

    But jealousy will not lead to anything good. Constant monitoring of the other person will negate your comfort, and you will also spend time with the other person. You will think that you are afraid of losing it, but in reality you will lose yourself. As a result, you should not treat infidelity as something egregious, and call for the same other person, he will resist you. Will you believe his vows? [Back to the beginning of the answer]�

    Your personal task is to protect yourself from the negative factors of infidelity and accept the fact that they are possible. This way you can live and trust others rationally.

    I wrote from the side of the victim type, but in fact the logic works in the other direction as well. If your reputation, conscience, and honor are important to you (even if they are relative characteristics, but it's still nice when they are positive), then protect yourself from undermining them. If relationships with a person are important to you, and sex on the left is important, then you need to do it rationally.

    And in fact, there are ~7500000000 people in the world, there is always a choice. The probability that you found the same person within walking distance is extremely low. Just as it is equally unlikely that the person you found is also absolutely happy with you, and you are the one for him. And in general, the concept of “the one” is more of a fantasy, knowing how to love, you can find the one even in someone you don't expect. We are not born in pairs for relationships, nature does not create halves for us to look for. There is no concept of honor or conscience in nature. In nature, there is no honesty, promises and oaths as something that holds you back from choosing a different path. Otherwise, it would have created an immutable lunch mechanism that would forcibly restrain us, but for now it is purely an echo without any support for truth.

  17. the realization of my imperfection helped me embark on the path of perfection.
    Usually people consciously or not always justify themselves – and there are a great many ways to hide their face – in psychology this is called a protective mechanism of the individual, in religion-a cover of nudity.�

    Dostoevsky wrote in his diaries that when he found himself in hard labor among rapists, fiends, murderers and other criminals, he did not find any of them who recognized their crimes, realized them and repented of them. It was this experience that gave Dostoevsky a lot of material for writing the topic of Crime and Punishment. People tend to justify themselves. Most likely, this is what prevents him from seeing himself as he is with all the consequences.�

    The whole world is a theater and the people in it are actors
    and everyone plays more than one role.

  18. I write the first thing that came to mind, the first thing I remember. Somehow, almost by accident, I noticed that almost all the presenters on TV have speech defects, both obvious and insignificant, almost invisible, and even speech therapy, including healed ones. Then I decided to test the hypothesis I found in other professions and realized that every person in life is driven by some personal innate problem. Many conclusions can be drawn from this. I won't go any further.

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