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  1. Let's try using the exception method. Political and military definitely not. Because in some states there are regime changes. And accordingly, the new regime goes out of its way to prove the criminality of the old one and thus the legitimacy of its coming to power. and it's still kind of coming out.

    There are no economic problems. Since the economy is well 75 percent advertising. Even if it is a fight against poverty. What a “hush-up”here.

    Everything related to people's health. This also includes ecology. Remark: this is far from the same thing. But in this context, just similar mechanisms. Well, this is both politics and economics at the same time. Accordingly, no for both reasons above at the same time.

    Problems of oppression of some people by others. Man is so organized that the oppressed get together in tight groups. Who loudly and aggressively defend their rights. Accordingly, no.

    From the above examples, we can conclude that the most hushed up problems are those that concern individuals and families. Perhaps in total, many tens of millions suffer from them, but everyone has their own problems. Accordingly, perhaps the following things come to mind: psychological problems, relationships in families, and raising children. The list is not intended to be complete. The essence is those problems in which there is hardly a “unifying principle” of people suffering from them.

  2. Each country has its own problems and it is unlikely that you will be able to summarize them in one answer. But, there is one thing that, of course, concerns most of humanity and this is nothing more than-SOCIAL EQUALITY! Capitalism is a wolf, a predator that sooner or later is shot back by the hunter. The capitalist cannot, without the poor population, without their insignificant incomes, which he seeks, at all costs, to take away in any “liberal-democratic” and in fact in all possible and not possible ways, available and forbidden, in order to become even richer.

  3. Excess of the state. The state is too much and it is too active in my life. I don't want to spend half my salary on all sorts of questionable things, listen to the general line of the party, refuse to own weapons and use psychedelics because they will put me in jail, because the cocaine-collecting deputies voted accordingly.

    Moreover, through the efforts of propaganda, people are taught from childhood that they will not be able to live without Big Brother. Therefore, they willingly eat all sorts of shit about terrorists, under the auspices of which their freedom and property are taken away from them, although the most terrible terrorists are officials, ministers and presidents.

  4. Idiocy. People were stupefied. They were vulgar. Defiled. Degenerate. They turn into social cattle. Both scientists and businessmen know how to stop it and what to do about it. But they can't be told the truth. The culture forbids it. Society will trample, devour.

  5. The most hushed – up problem is the problem of moral degradation. We are constantly told that humanity has become so smart that it can decide for itself what can and should be done and what should not be done. As a result, people are deprived of their normal family, homeland, property, personal freedom, and the right to dispose of their bodies. They make us slaves, but they tell us that it is beautiful and necessary. In fact – degradation and death

  6. Who are we and why are we here, what is the essence of life in motion? I note that humanity is not homogeneous in consciousness and is potentially always in tension-confrontation. Where, in contrast to dependencies, such as religious ones, to mitigate-by limiting this opposition, thereby creating a confrontation and the circle is closed.Then the question is asked, why violence in this World of RA?

  7. Problems of children adopted by same-sex couples or raised in same-sex families. Mark Regenerus, PhD in sociology at the University of Texas at Austin (USA) in 2010 began his famous scientific research. In 2012, the results were obtained. The results shocked many. Has anyone ever heard of them?

  8. Dystopia associated with a decrease in human intelligence, as well as the growth of technologies that people do not keep up with, they will soon become incomprehensible to some people, and because of this they will make a huge difference in the population of muzhdu rich and poor, and in general there is a lot of roblem all power and politics is harmful, so think for yourself.

  9. Perhaps the most pressing problem right now is the correct routing of information. Knowledge about everything and almost any amount is available to everyone, but it is probably the main problem of a developed society to correctly assess exactly what information is needed and to whom, at what point. Rational resource allocation can be based on competent communication between people with each other and digital tools (often even more than with people).

    The ability to quickly upload the necessary block of knowledge and upload it in the future can help a person solve not only simple problems – how to find a repairman, what to do if a person has signs of a stroke, or how to register your business for free.

    With the development of efficient routing of information, its reliability and availability (and the availability of reliable information is still in short supply), a person will be able to solve much more complex problems using a ready-made manual.�

    This will affect all spheres of life and make a person's activities more creative, productive and free.

  10. Toxic shame.

    Everyday,” invisible ” fascism (dividing people into successful/unsuccessful ones based on the presence of business qualities, the skill of making money. Moreover, people can ridicule for the failure of both others and themselves, which is a shame)

    Lukism (dividing people into beautiful and not beautiful and assigning virtual value to beautiful people)

  11. Ignorance, stupidity and laziness – the most underestimated problem of humanity!�

    The bottom line is that we live in a fairly prosperous time, and, as you know, in such “well-fed years” ignorance grows, and the importance and necessity of education become less obvious. With the ability to access almost any information, almost any amount of it, the lack of knowledge is growing. Most of us take advantage of the system that was built by our ancestors, and gradually forget how and why this system was built.

    Politicians and corporations do not benefit from humanity's awareness of this problem. They use their main tool, the mass media, to constantly feed us ideas of unconscious ignorance and stupidity. �

    And what kind of global warming, depletion of natural resources, or degradation of the ecosystem, for example, can we talk about?!

    Only by defeating widespread ignorance can we move on. Only then do we have a chance. In the meantime, all our attempts to save the planet and humanity look like we are sitting in a sinking ship with a huge hole, water everywhere, and we are scooping up water with teaspoons and pouring it overboard. The ship will stay afloat for a while, but the finale is obvious to everyone.

  12. Now everyone is very concerned about human rights, although the topic of implementing these rights with the constantly growing population of the Earth and the impoverishment of its resources is not discussed at all. But the time will come when it will be necessary to solve the issue of rapid population reset .

  13. I'll answer with movies (because it won't fit here). In my opinion, there are two of them required for viewing, here is the first one :

    “Earthlings – – reveals the topic of using animals for human needs and, accordingly, the work of all enterprises engaged in this field (behind a screen, so to speak). The film is a Vegetarian bible.

    The second film: “Home, date with the planet” – here everything is without exaggeration, just footage and analysis. This one is about ecology, but I can't find anything about society yet, unfortunately (I see the millstones of the system have been ground).

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