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  1. I don't think there is anything absolutely absurd in the world. The world is interconnected: all events and conditions are subject to a certain logic, even if not always obvious. The” absurd ” can be taken as the injustice of one towards the other, but again, all situations of infringement of one by the other are dictated by questions of survival. Everyone does only what they can do.

  2. The absurdity of this world lies in the fact that from childhood we are all imposed with social stereotypes, supposedly we should study well and then we will have a prestigious job (although in many cases this is not the case), that two-and three-year-olds will never become rich,and will be the last marginals on the streets. Also, if you are always smart and educated to read books, and not a word is said about self-education,books in our life should be a hobby,but not the meaning of life,as some teachers in educational institutions impose,and not only.
    It is even more absurd that many people blame the outside world for their failures,and not themselves: “If you want to change something in this life, then start with yourself.”

  3. When people think / act in global things, such as identifying themselves in society, electing government representatives, managing something big, etc. based on everyday logic.

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