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  1. Proper names were used for a red word? What do they have to do with it?

    Don't you have enough examples of what liberals become when they break through to the power trough? Well, look at the history of parliamentarism in the Russian Federation.

  2. An incredibly absurd question, with no meaning at all. It's like a vinaigrette of pickles, copper nuts, and wool socks. What is the relationship of the characters listed in the question to liberalism? None at all.

  3. Just a terrible ideology can't scare you, only the most terrible? Then calm down, Nazism is “cooler”in this regard. Liberalism professes masterly servility, social and economic inequality. That is why he cannot allow everyone to be “rehabilitated”. To work for the masters, he will have to keep their serfs. Saving your life. Nazism does not guarantee it.

  4. If liberalism becomes “the most terrible of totalitarian ideologies”, then you should be surprised, afraid, upset, desperate, then wake up and remember that the era of the Frankfurt school is already, in general, over, and liberalism itself has changed significantly over the past half century. The totality of liberalism is associated primarily with the technical suppression of the individual and imposed consumerism. Another line of criticism is pointing out the ambivalence of legal and moral standards. None of this, however, makes liberalism excessively totalitarian. Despite its inevitable negative properties, liberalism retains a considerable degree of personal freedom.

    If we talk about the unexpected pair of N. Machiavelli and J. R. R. Tolkien.It is worth noting that the first of them can not be considered the main liberal author, and the notoriety was fixed for him not quite rightly, and the second and even more so – an insignificant and marginal figure. Note that McCarthyism didn't last even a decade.

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