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  1. Go back to the Stone Age, sail off into the wilderness, and live the life of a barefoot tribe on a pasture. And most importantly-no commodity-money relations, only in-kind exchange.

  2. To begin with, countries without a state already exist. For example, South Sudan. There are nations without a state. For example, Gypsies, Kurds, Basques, etc.Nothing good can be said about the effective existence of these public entities. In order for a society to exist effectively without a mechanism for the production and distribution of consumer goods and services that meet the needs of each member of society, which is the state mechanism, it is necessary to allow the state to develop to an ideal state. According to the basic law of dialectics: the law of negation of negation. It can be assumed that, ideally, a person will be completely ousted from the structures of state power and replaced by artificial intelligence. The methods of governance in such a society will not differ much from the natural laws of nature. Thus, the dream of Pyotr Alekseyevich Kropotkin, one of the ideologists of anarcho-communism, will be realized: the creation of a society whose management laws will be close to the laws of nature.

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