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  1. The answer has long been available… Gave me my freedom.What am I going to do with it?.. So decide for yourself.Is there such freedom in any country? Even the wild tribes have their own taboos-no longer freedom.

  2. By freedom, first of all, is meant the freedom of the individual. And the” independent world ” (independent of the outside world) in history was rather the USSR, in which this very freedom of the individual was suppressed in every possible way.

  3. I'll start from afar. The basic truth is that in every person (in every person) there is nothing internal; there is only something brought in from the outside. in childhood, the child blindly trusts his mother, believes every word she says, then the spread begins: you believe someone, you don't believe someone. and so the person collects information about the world around them. Most often, in childhood, a person accepts information on faith from sources that he trusts. that is, he does not understand and does not weigh (does not look critically), and it is in the early years that the basic knowledge and judgments about the world are laid down.

    So, freedom is when you define your own restrictions consciously and having understood the issue in detail, understanding both the reasons why these restrictions appeared and the consequences of these restrictions.

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