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  1. In short, the main differences are as follows. Structuralism defines its goal to identify a clear structure and the laws of its functioning. Representatives of this movement advocated a formalistic approach to the study of structure, rejecting the study in the framework of a diachronic approach (comparison of several historical epochs). They believed that structure defines form as a system consisting of separate, interacting elements. The post-structuralists had views that were somewhat perfectly proportional. For example, they believed that the structure exists, but in a decentralized way. If the structuralists addressed the question: how the structure functions, then post-structuralists: where and how it came from. This is their main method of deconstruction and identification of so-called “traces”. In post-structuralism, the focus shifts from the language to the text in which the structures are embodied. As a result, there is a thesis of Zh. Derrida: “The world is a text”. P. is also interested in elements that go beyond the boundaries of structures, overcoming them. Unlike its predecessor, poststructuralism blurs the line between signifier and signified.

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