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  1. They are roughly in such a relation that social philosophy answers the question of how society should be, and sociology-how society is.

  2. About the same as natural philosophy and the modern natural sciences that grew out of it. But not quite. Natural philosophy is no longer relevant, since the questions that faced it are considered by science and the philosophy of each particular science. The range of issues that social (and political) philosophy deals with is much broader than what the empirical discipline of sociology deals with. For example, sociology does not deal with ethics and morals, but they are critical for understanding modern society and finding ways to make society fairer, and people happier and freer. Therefore, social philosophy continues to be relevant.

    Also, some scientists believe that a philosophy that studies the ontological foundations and structures of society and the social sciences is necessary. In particular, this is John Searle – his views can be found in his book “Making the Social World” (2010), and on YouTube there is his course on Philosophy of Society and lectures from book presentations.

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