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  1. I like Fazil Iskander's formulation: “Wisdom is a mind infused with conscience.” That is, not just a mind, but necessarily with a conscience. So a smart person can be a scoundrel, but a wise person can't.

  2. Love is wisdom.

    Wisdom is the ability to live in the most harmonious way with yourself and the world around you. Roughly speaking, to live so that everything is good. Love is just the way to go. The wise one loves. The lover is wise.�

    The word “love” is very corrupted, so I think it's necessary to explain. I don't mean a man's love for a woman (and vice versa). I mean love as a universal principle, total acceptance, unlimited “yes”.

    Somehow it looks that way.

  3. Wisdom is the experience or / and knowledge that a person processes over the course of a lifetime, in such a way that the final result can be used efficiently in society. Naturally, the quality of processing equipment depends on how much time you devote to this activity, as well as on your abilities, and on the source of the material.) Experience is considered a better raw material than knowledge. After all, knowledge is the experience of other people, and their “people” we often do not understand. While in my experience everything is clearer and most importantly clearer.))

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