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  1. Someone spoils, and someone enjoys them. The question is ambiguous, as are the answers to it.
    �Well, if for me, then:
    � – religion
    � – creationism
    � – patriotism
    – communism (shabby, but still holding on)
    �- the idea of the greatness of the state (it is also essentially “our great history”, it is also “grandfathers fought”, it is also “I am for a strong state”, etc.)
    � – universal duty to “protect the Motherland”
    � – official marriage (ambiguous)
    – the need for “registration”
    � – a ban on the free carrying of firearms
    – state borders (also not so simple)
    – natural means useful
    – anti-GMO
    – man is the king of nature
    – the death penalty
    – they tell the truth on TV (as an option, they write in the newspapers)
    – a woman is not a person
    – spanking is good for children
    – pornography is bad (although some restrictions are still necessary)
    – sexual education of children is bad
    – most people can't be wrong
    � – the need for a multi-decade term (70 years after the author's death) to protect copyright and related rights
    – the need for censorship
    � – the United States is an enemy of Russia (for some other countries, it is also relevant, sometimes a certain “West” instead of the United States)
    – Putin is our president

    Many ideas are very ambiguous, for example, marriage, which I do not oppose in principle. In general, most people are positive about it, but is it really necessary for people who love each other to register it? It is necessary, but only because of the presence of property that may have to be divided later, and the second, due to restrictions on the part of society and, above all, the state. The struggle of homosexuals for their rights is significant in this sense: it is conducted not because they need a stamp, but because, for example,”they will not give me your body in the morgue after death.” Don't such restrictions, which are the consequences of having an official marriage recognition procedure, spoil people's lives?
    �Patriotism can also be understood in different ways.

  2. There are many such ideas.
    High heels are beautiful
    A high minimum wage protects the interests of workers
    Protectionism benefits the population

    Big homework assignments improve your education
    It is not profitable to vote for the opposition, because the opposition is the same.
    It is always profitable for the state to seize new lands
    Any legal business is always beneficial to society
    The expansion of roads will definitely improve the carrying capacity
    If you haven't done anything useful for the state, it begs your political position.
    If we open the borders as much as possible, then all the smart ones will leave
    The prosecution of those who sell sex services is beneficial to society.
    Expelling HIV-infected foreigners helps fight HIV.
    Cigarette helps you look more mature
    Conscription of the army in peacetime improves security
    If something exists for 20-30-100 years, then it will continue to exist indefinitely.
    If you criticize a person all the time, it will improve them.
    You can't criticize your country
    Give cut flowers for all sorts of holidays.

    Here it is written about it and will be updated

    Zombie ideas

  3. From my point of view – religion. The idea is very old, but how it slows down science! Just imagine how much we would know about genes and the brain if it were possible to conduct experiments and research on embryos.

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