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  1. The period of Antiquity and the Roman Empire. Rome is a unique civilization, which already in ancient times came up with many of the things that we still use today. We can say that we live in the same directions that were indicated back in Rome. Some of the Roman and other ancient inventions we have always used (stadium designs, law and citizenship, names and chronology), some have only recently reached us (sewage, cement, euthanasia, fitness classes), and some have never been able to reproduce (the Roman legion is a self-supporting army-a city, while our armies are still expensive, capricious things that depend on supplies).

    Of course, modern civilization has surpassed Rome in many ways, but personally, our humanity seems ridiculous, complex and lost to me. And Antiquity seems to be a harmonious, creative and optimistic world. With the right goals, objectives, and prospects.

  2. No matter how surprising it will be for fans of the past (especially when the past is very poorly known) – today, the present time. Objectively, human life is much better protected, medicine continues to make progress, technology makes it possible to ease everyday worries, the law is one for all,the arbitrariness of the authorities is limited to it, and the concept of” human rights ” is generally accepted and indisputable.

    People who admire Antiquity imagine themselves in the togas of patricians, no less than knights or some landowner or noble class. In reality, they would be slaves who would rot in the mines as expendable materials, or who would be killed for fun, or black serfs whose lives and property were worthless.

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