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  1. In 2015, American scientists from Cornell University Alex Alemi and Matt Bierbaum created a computer simulation of the zombie apocalypse. It turned out that, in general, zombies will take over the entire planet quickly enough, and the best chances are for residents of regions such as Siberia due to the rather low population density (but they are also likely to be destroyed by zombies over time).

    Here is their computer simulation for the United States: you can click on the point where the epidemic will start (the first zombie will appear), and watch how it will spread: github.io With new clicks, you can add new zombies.

  2. I advise you to watch the AMC series “The Walking Dead”. It is quite successfully predicted what will happen to the world during the zombie apocalypse. I advise you to go to regions like Siberia – where the population density is less, and preferably to regions where there are swamps and swamps, zombies will get stuck there tightly. Or, you can go to hot and humid countries: thanks to the heat and humidity, zombies will decompose much faster.

  3. I will add to all of the above-there is not a single reason why zombies should attack living people and not touch the same zombies. They'll just eat themselves up. The end.

  4. If the zombies are fast like in the movies and don't freeze in the winter, then people will have a lot of problems.
    The most important of them is the absence of cruelty or pacifism

  5. Zombies like from the movie “The Walking Dead” – not real! Physiologically, the corpse cannot walk, as all vital processes are stopped. Have you ever woken up with a numb hand? This is when blood does not enter the limb. How much can you do with such a hand? No. So is zombari: he can't move and yet he's dead.

    If we assume that this is some kind of virus that kills a person, but the body itself is alive. Then again. The floor of the torso, severed head or hands will not be able to crawl separately due to blood loss and impaired body functions!

    Conclusion: A zombie apocalypse is possible only if a person is infected with a certain rabies virus, which turns him into a zombie and forces him to rush at others. But at the same time, they are also vulnerable to receiving any wounds, since even if you exclude the option of not being sensitive to pain, the body with injuries will still fail later.

  6. I hope the undead zombies will only stay in horror movies . But what's more real is the clone army . Universal soldiers who feel neither pain nor compassion . Machines can kill anyone ordered by the command without remorse .

  7. Really? Well, in general, provided that they are ordinary zombies and the virus is transmitted only through bites, the zombies will quickly kill.But, let's imagine that this is a virus, like a Coronavirus. Then, it all depends on his abilities. If you imagine that zombies have flooded America (Both North and South), then they are unlikely to make their way to Canada. Zombies don't like the cold. The same goes for Alaska, Siberia, and other cold regions. Across the ocean, zombies are unlikely to get the same. Only if it's a virus. By the way, the virus is also unlikely to survive the cold. But Africa will not be so lucky. Heat is a friend of diseases.
    In the event of an epidemic, the southern regions will die, the moderates will be like in the movies, and in the northern regions there will be governments and states.
    In the event of an apocalypse, an army will gather and kill all the zombies. 🙂
    That's how it is.

  8. The “apocalypse” will end very quickly, Vesta.

    On Cracked.com there is a great article on this topic. (Very entertaining site, by the way-I recommend you to study, so forgive me Question)


    If you retell the arguments there, the main reasons for failure are as follows::

    1. The insects mentioned above are a plus, possibly various kinds of scavengers. An interesting point, by the way – how would their instincts react to dead flesh when clearly inappropriate behavior? It is quite possible that zombies will become easy prey for them.

    2. High / low temperatures, the landscape, and the inability to adapt to them. The simple inability to hide from rain / snowfall is superimposed on the lack of regeneration and slowness – and we see that zombies do not pass the banal natural selection.

    3. People. And weapons. A lot of weapons. There are many millions of firearms in the world alone – and there would be a lot of other ways to destroy zombies.

    Well, do not pull the zombies on the level of danger to Homo sapiens, do not pull.

  9. From a military point of view, zombies (whether fast or slow) are just unprotected melee infantry; zombies cannot * plan their actions, attack in a coordinated manner, or retreat when forces are unequal. So they do not pose any threat to the modern army. Issues of maintaining quarantine are also being worked out by various agencies around the world. Moreover, I think it is much easier to keep a slow-moving living corpse in quarantine than a living person with a trivial illness – after all, the patient is much more cunning and intelligent, can own a weapon, drive a car – and generally shoot at people and corpses – two different things.

    Of course, the specific details depend on the canon – after all, regarding the zombie theme, it is diverse. Ways of infection (do all the dead resurrect or only the bitten ones? Is it transmitted by airborne droplets? And on the water? Whether animals are carriers, and if so, whether they are susceptible to the disease) and similar questions.

    • Again, it depends on the canon.
  10. In addition to Pavel's answer, it is also worth noting that dead flesh rots very quickly, which makes zombies a very good target for insects, and just the sun (they would dry out). The cycle of life of zombies in hot countries would be reduced to 6-8 days, in winter in Siberia they would simply freeze when the temperature is below zero.

    PS: in general, there are a lot of white spots in the theory of the “Zombie Apocalypse”. For example, zombies eat people. What for? Do they feel full? Can they stop? Obviously, they have problems with digestion, proteins will not be able to break down to amino acids, and carbohydrates to glucose, since they are dead and blood does not circulate through the body. Why do they eat? Solely to infect other individuals? Okay, but you need to keep in mind that the musculoskeletal system will very quickly become unusable due to the inability to feed and renew tissues. It's not worth talking about joints, as soon as the synovial fluid runs out, there was no question of any wandering around the streets. They would lie down and try to make sounds (which is also not easy, since the vocal cords are a delicate apparatus), which, by the way, would require them to breathe. And what is breathing for? Dead flesh. There are too many white spots for one theory. I'm sorry that I skidded off the topic of the question.

  11. In fact, we should first ask ourselves what kind of zombies we are dealing with: the canonical ones (“Night of the Living Dead”, “The Walking Dead” and “Dawn of the Dead”) that have risen from the graves of corpses that feed on brains and slowly wander with their arms outstretched, or the modern zombies (I am Legend, War of the Worlds Z) – people infected with a fantastic virus that makes them attack all living things, eat flesh, feel no pain, and move at unnatural speeds. (There is a lot of speculation about the mutation of the rabies virus in humans, which has some similar symptoms to the “zombie virus”.)

    During a disaster, everything will depend on the location of the disaster itself, the speed of spread of the virus, and the population density of the area.

    If you take classic zombies, the infection will spread relatively slowly. People will immediately start fighting with corpses: erect fences or leave for “clean” areas, massively buy all the necessary goods (food, water, medicines).

    At the State level, air and rail flights will immediately cease. The troops will be urgently raised in guns and sent to control interstate and regional borders, to eliminate looting and panic. A full quarantine and curfew will be imposed. A huge number of people will die or be infected.

    Cities will be overrun with zombies and the countryside will be a pretty good place to live.

    If we take modern zombies, then, in my opinion, humanity will come to an end, unless, of course, we take into account the scenario of a possible cure (as in the movie War of the Worlds Z). The rate of infection will be incredibly fast, mass panic, lawlessness, famine.

    As a result, it is worth considering the characteristics of a particular type of zombie – whether they decompose, how fast they move at different times of the year and on different terrain. Do they freeze / dry out? One way or another, survival depends on the cohesion of the group of survivors themselves.

  12. Everything will be more prosaic than in the movies. Winter will come and the survivors will have fun with mass breaking of ice cubes 🙂 Zombies are dead and can't maintain their body temperature.

  13. In the book of a certain Max Brooks”Zombies. Survival Guide”, which I came across recently, has detailed instructions for the most paranoid survivalists. The author, in particular, claims that insects and low temperatures of zombies are not a hindrance (in Siberia, the inanimate will simply freeze until spring – and when it thaws, it will again carry evil).

    As mentioned above, everything depends on the canon, but if we assume that we are talking about creatures that do not need air, water and food to maintain their, um, existence, do not experience fatigue and never sleep, and with the rapid spread of the virus can be banal to crush the number, then dealing with them will probably not be so easy. If you add to this indirect dangers (animal vectors or the possibility of spreading the virus through fresh water, for example), the situation will not turn out in favor of people.

    P.S. Firearms, let's be honest, will only help those who know how to handle them (try to hit a target at least 30 cm in diameter without training)

  14. In fact, people will start to die from the virus, then after a while they will come to life as zombies, and by biting, they will eat and infect others.

    Then we will gather with the guys, take weapons (personally, I – a crossbow, someone a revolver, someone a machete, you know:D) And we will take out each zombie's brain in the truest sense of the word. This is effective, I answer:D Something like that.

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