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  1. CLARIFICATION-rough non-specific division bad-good people should be replaced with a scientific cultural comparative specific division –

    more or less good/bad people in a particular regard.

    With this approach and vocabulary, everything is significantly clarified and simplified.

    It is even better to compare specific ideas, goals, and methods instead of making a non – specific comparison of people. Then a high level of clarity and transparency of the question and the expected answer is achieved.

  2. What a cute little question! It reminds me of the old joke: “To build peace on Earth, you need all the good ones to gather and kill all the bad ones” 🙂

    The second quote from the classic of our cinema – the film “White Sun of the Desert”: “The dagger is good for those who have it and bad for those who do not have it!“

    And I highly recommend reading V. Pelevin's short story “The Recluse and the Sixfinger”. Just about the contradictions of society and the individual.

    Dear friend, what are “Good people”? What is the “society against”? Are you sure you know the answers to these questions?

    The modern world cannot be divided into “black” and “white”. You can't even think of it as hundreds of shades of gray. In my understanding, the modern world is a crystal that no one sees from all sides at the same time. You see some facets of this crystal, I see others. Someone has adjusted their vision so that they can see through the faces that are unfolded to their eyes and see through them the face on the opposite side of the crystal. Everyone sees a piece of the Truth, but thinks that the Truth was revealed to him alone.: -)

    Simply put, there are no absolutely bad and absolutely good ones. Don't look for an answer to your question. Score and enjoy! 🙂

  3. And who determined that these people are good and others are bad? Often, when everyone looks from their own bell tower, they see only good deeds. The question can be asked in a different way, when is a society of fools versus smart people a society of people?

  4. Society is all those people who stratify certain views.

    A” good “or” bad ” social construct that carries a subjective assessment and can be interpreted from the position of a moral dilemma.

    There are three conditional personalities: one wanted to pull his people out of poverty, the other wanted to level everyone up, and the third wanted to give power to the worthy. It seems like a good thing, but if you say the names, people will say that his hands are covered in blood up to the elbows.

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