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  1. If you can't find a friend in the stream of people who are always running and hurrying, there are several ways out .

    1) Find friends online.

    This is a fairly primitive way to make a circle of new friends and refuse to communicate in case of hostility without consequences 😂 Places such as the hunting forum or the site “Independent Skaters” are perfect!

    2) Go to places where there are people with whom you might have a common interest. There you will most likely find a friend very quickly.

  2. The answer here is the simplest. The more you spend time in society, the more likely you are to find friends. And it doesn't matter where exactly, whether it's work, dancing, or foreign language courses, you can find people who are close in spirit everywhere. For example, I'm still close friends with a friend I met at the sports section. When he came to our training session, I didn't even think that I would ever communicate with him. Half a year later, we somehow went home together( on the way there was) and started talking, started arguing on different topics and it turned out that we have a lot in common. 3 years have passed since then. We don't go to training anymore, but we often go out and hang out together. He introduced me to his friends, and I introduced him to mine, integrating each other into our own lives, so to speak.

    And with most of my friends, we were brought together by society. So, the conclusion: the more versatile you are, the more you interact with people everywhere and make friends accordingly.

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