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  1. It depends on what counts as life.

    I'm reading Stanislas Dean's book “How We Learn”right now. The author is a professional neuroscientist with a first degree in mathematics.

    He writes that the human brain has innate structures that are responsible for recognizing quantities and simple geometric shapes. (Dean justifies this, but I won't be here.) While learning, our brain constantly evaluates the probabilities: whether this or that action will lead to success or not.

    Our brain constantly makes estimates of quantities and quantities even at the pre-conscious stages of thinking. We just don't realize it.

  2. Hello.

    Math doesn't apply:

    1. in love, friendship;
    2. in writing a book, painting a picture, in cosplay;
    3. in communication, (if only you hang out in a math environment).

    Yes, in many ways, everything is not listed.

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