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  1. From the cognitive point of view, it is definitely cats that, using the set of semantic units and constructions that they have, can adequately communicate their needs and adequately understand/respond to what they are told (although not immediately and often through “face in a puddle”). With theomism (theomist), everything is much sadder – neither rational learning nor negative training has yet given a stable positive result.

    From the point of view of sanitation-again seals. One tray is enough for each well-bred cat. The only theomist-seeks to pollute the entire network territory available to him.

    Summary: the cat walks by itself, the theomist walks by itself.

  2. Let's assume that cats. Assume a theomism. Let's assume that cats and theomism. Theomism encompasses all hypotheses and assumptions, all possible variants, including seals. And not just Schrodinger's cats.

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