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  1. It's up to you to decide, since the question is so acute.

    No one will be able to decide for you what is more terrible – if you are drowned or thrown off the roof. It's the same here.

    You can train yourself so that nothing will be terrible at all.�

    Good luck.

  2. Spiritual. After all, a person has a mind/consciousness/soul. And there are a lot of examples both in literature and in life, stories about how after being forced to sell their body or rape, a person did not break down, survived it and preserved their values, views, foundations and everything that makes them them. But if our character sold out, so to speak, “with the soul”, then he rotted from the inside . Sonya from Crime and Punishment , as well as the prostitute from Remarque's Three Companions, will agree with me. And Ai Mikami.

  3. But what should be considered spiritual prostitution? I, for example, do not feel very loyal to my employer, but I can not leave, because the cash for food is needed. Every day I find myself in a bad place and interact with people I don't like… If this is prostitution, then we are such – more than half of the working-age population of the country, I guarantee it 😉

  4. The physical is impossible without the spiritual. It won't work out like this — I'm fucked by a nasty guy, and then I'll go on as if nothing has happened and my psyche will not be affected.

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