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  1. In the garden of elderberry, in Kiev uncle.
    Everyone is good for their environment.

    The world-famous violinist Dmitry Kogan, who performed at the Grand Concert Hall of the Conservatory at the age of 15, went down into an ordinary underground passage for the sake of an experiment: how much you can earn in 45 minutes. Of course, no one knew that this was a celebrity playing a 1764 Paganini violin.
    Few people gave money, almost no one listened, a couple of people applauded.
    One passerby even claimed that the violinist was out of tune!
    Genius in one environment is not understood in another.

  2. For me, naturally Vysotsky. I adore his work, he has great songs that are still relevant, in the heat of the day, this is the greatest Soviet artist! And what gorgeous films were made with Vysotsky in the main roles? Same meeting point. The role of Zheglov is simply brilliant! Vysotsky coped with a bang!

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