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  1. Other people. Yes, it is other people who restrict our freedom, which is confirmed by the well-known phrase ” Our freedom ends where the freedom of other people begins.”
    The Constitution grants a person freedom and rights, but at the same time restricts him, putting many actions under the ban. This means that all people cannot be free: either everyone is limited in their rights, or only a few have freedom.

  2. If we understand freedom as the complete absence of restrictions in behavior, then a person cannot have freedom in principle. All our life activity is built on achieving goals, if a person does not achieve goals, he will die (or fall into nirvana). Any goal is always motivated by something. The main motivator is instincts. Our business is built on them. If we want to eat, then our goals are limited to actions aimed at satisfying this need and simultaneously preserving our own lives. we live in a rather complex society, and our instincts use such a subtle and interesting tool as consciousness to achieve their goals, which ensures our survival in our harsh, cruel, but no less beautiful and interesting world.
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