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  1. As far as I can tell, it was never necessarily God's plan to reveal the fact of His existence to all people on Earth. I even have a feeling that He did every appearance of Himself with reluctance, as much as possible leaving people the opportunity to still not believe in Him. Apparently, the question of accepting It by faith is extremely important, and it is important for a person in the light of his future existence in the new world.

  2. This is also why children of the same age are not explained what electric current is and how it affects the human body, but simply forbidden to stick nails in the socket.

  3. If God had forbidden the ancient people to worship false gods, then people would have ceased to be people, they would have become like stones that have no will of their own, lying where they were placed. But God, who created the world and everything in it, lives in temples not made with hands, He does not need anything and does not depend on anything or anyone. Nor does God need the service of human hands. Nor did He need the many sacrifices of rams and bulls (Ps. 49: 8-15), nor the festive gatherings of the new moons and Sabbaths (Isa. 1: 13) In these words He calls out to his people through the prophet Isaiah: “Why do I need the multitude of your sacrifices? Says the Lord. I am full of burnt offerings of rams and the fat of fattened cattle, and I do not want the blood of bullocks, lambs, or goats. When you come to appear before Me, who requires you to trample on my courts? (Isaiah 1: 11-12)

    So there is absolutely no need for God that people should worship Him and not false Gods. People themselves have a need for this, but they just don't understand this need yet and don't see it in themselves. For all who turn away from God will perish (Ps. 72: 27) But it pleases God that men should seek Him, whether they should feel Him or find him, even though He is not far from each of us: for we live and move and have our being by Him, just as some of your poets said, “We are his kind” (Acts 17: 27-28) Because God wants all men to be saved and to attain the knowledge of the truth (1 Tim. 2,4)

    He revealed himself to men and still does through His works: “For his invisible things, his eternal power and divinity, have been seen from the foundation of the world through the contemplation of creatures, so that they are unresponsive” (Rom. 1: 20). Only men have become blind and deaf because of sin: “For verily I say unto you, that many prophets and righteous men desired to see what you see, and did not see it, and to hear what you hear, and did not hear it” (Mt. 13: 17) and again:” For the heart of these people is hardened, and they can hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes, so that they may not see with their eyes, and hear with their ears, and understand with their heart, and be converted, that I may heal them ” (Acts 28: 27) Thus, God wants all people to seek Him of their own free will, so that they

  4. Because God is the unity of everything. Unity has no self-consciousness that can be compared to the self-consciousness of many individuals. However, the self-consciousness of Unity implies viewing oneself from different sides and positions, and not just from one. There is no time for Unity and no sequence of changes. To find out about yourself, that is, about your condition, you need to find out the circumstances before and after that led to the state of self-consciousness “as it is”. The very fact of self-awareness as a Unity “automatically” entails a certain need for division into many individuals who are able to realize the order of changes, which is possible only in the objective world (the plane of being). Unity differentiates itself into aspects, qualities, and parts that can perceive time. Each such part has its own degree of awareness and its own plane of being. One of these parts is the individual monads endowed with intelligence. In a generalized sense, all parts of the One are energy expressed in various forms and connected by information (endowed with the potential to work or serve through combining with the information component). Thus, everything is energy in motion (service, work), combined with information and transmitted through fields. But this is true only from a certain level that is accessible to cognition. From the point of view above (what is not knowable) – this truth will change and will be perceived differently. In the meantime, this is true for us. In the process of further differentiation of the One into parts (projecting oneself to different levels), both conscious subjects and worlds of their perception are created. Each conscious subject (group of subjects) perceives and is aware only of its own world and considers only its own reality to be the only one. Although in reality everything is One, all qualities, all aspects, all planes, densities, dimensions, realities and worlds are combined with each other, but separated by the state of consciousness and perception of individuals. Separated by perception-this means that they are also separated by time. Time is not one for everyone, it is subjective and individual for each density of being. This is a much simplified “mechanism” by which the One God knows himself. In addition, through cognition, he changes his state of perception, complementing it with awareness of himself in all densities. This problem cannot be solved in the absence of restrictions for many individuals and in the absence of freedom of choice based on their own vision of the world. In other words, if the parts recognize themselves as Unity, then they are no longer parts. They will be parts and individuals only if they forget that they were once in Unity. This means that the parts should not remember, and their freedom stems from this principle. Knowledge will not be complete even if the only possible order is dictated to the parts (free will at the level of individuals). This means that they should not be remembered and should not be directly punished by the outside in any other way, except for the influence of the consequences of their own decisions. It follows from the same principles that all the Gods of a multitude of individuals who are unconscious of Unity and have a degree of freedom are only their vision of the ideal. But since individuals are themselves in a state of separation, they can only be aware by separating. Thus, they divide even their ideal into aspects, attributing certain qualities to them, depending on the influence of being (life circumstances) on the surface consciousness. All these Gods, their descriptions, their qualities, all this is a vision of the One from the point of view of the many. But the One cannot come to the level of the many and build all, manifesting its true essence and dictating its will. This is taken as a weakness by many individuals, because their perception is subject to a certain principle and they no longer want an order reinforced by fear. In such conditions, they want a leader who dictates what is possible and what is not possible in a specific framework that is clear to consciousness. But this particular dictation of what is permitted takes away and restricts the individuality of monads, which is not realized from their position of perception. It follows that what individuals want God to be, he will be for them. At the same time, all these visions will never compare and will not correspond to the true essence of the One.

  5. God was declaring himself to other nations. He created the first people,they and their children lived for a very long time,for 500,700,900 years. So 2000 years before the flood, everyone who lived on earth knew about Him, but did not want to recognize Him as a ruler. Presumably, several generations of Noah's descendants after the flood were also well aware of God. Moses described this in 1513 BC in the first book of the Bible. Genesis means that he has received information about God. we can conclude that everyone who wanted to knew God, but most of them were not going to obey Him. In addition, He formed the Jewish people as a priestly community for other nations. From them, the knowledge of God was to be spread to other nations. Jesus organized a Christian meeting for the same purpose. Told to tell the good news”to the ends of the earth “(Acts 1: 8)

  6. In order to understand this, let's turn to the greatest teacher of all time, Jesus Christ,or rather to his words from the parable of the prodigal son.(Luke 15: 11-24) The story of a young man who demanded from his father, his share of the inheritance. In those days, the inheritance was divided between family members after the death of the father,who also demanded his share when the father was alive. Although the father had every right to refuse him, but out of love for his son, he agreed to divide the inheritance.He left home taking his share of the inheritance. The story shows how he used his wealth and that in the end he squandered his entire fortune.But when it became very difficult for him,he remembered how good he was at home and went back.The fact that God does not force people to accept his laws and worship Him speaks of His love for man.He gave people His word, the Bible, and today everyone who seeks and desires can find God and gain knowledge about Him. Like that young man in the parable of Jesus when he was having a hard time. he remembered his father.When God created the first man, He wanted to have a family of people.Although God's plans have been disrupted,He will certainly do so for those who wish to become members of His great family.There will be one family in the universe, consisting of Angels in heaven and people on earth.Harmony and love will reign forever in this family, everything connected with this world will be forgotten. In his prayer to God, Jesus said: This is eternal life, that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.Amin!

  7. You see, the Christian god is not a bearded grandfather. There is an interesting line in the Bible, ” I am that which is.” What does it mean not revealed, if it is an entity? In general, by and large, everything that exists in any way manifests and reveals the Christian God. Therefore, the wording of the question itself is not entirely clear. In addition, there are opinions of a number of Christian philosophers that the seeds of the Christian faith were planted in many nations at different times, that not only the Jews were somehow related to Christianity, but also the Hellenes, for example, through Plato, Aristotle, Stoics, and so on. In general, following this logic consistently, nothing should stop at Christianity in developing the concept of the divine, but Christianity itself is opposed to this, at least the official part of it. Although, of course, it is quite difficult to imagine a more Christian gesture than a humble rejection of any claim to the truth, and finally understanding that all texts are written by people, even if they are inspired by God. Well, that the savior himself was a man (including). Sometimes, Christians themselves resemble ancient pagans much more than the followers of Christ.�

    Your question smacks too strongly of a desire for something to come into your life personally, they say I haven't flown to Mars, and the devil knows what's really there, and as long as Mars doesn't hit me on the nose, I don't know anything about anything. This has nothing to do with the question of Mars, just as it did with the manifestation of God before the Christian teaching. God is a rather complex concept, the more difficult is the relationship of his (concept) to reality. If you can't see Mars, it's not Mars ' problem, but rather yours. This is all about the simple idea that the world doesn't owe you anything.

  8. It is difficult to answer reliably, if you ask about the Christian God, then based on the Bible, God had a chosen people-the Israelites (Jews), which he even forbade to mix with other peoples, and one of the reasons was the gods of other peoples Baal, etc. At the same time, he severely punished the Jews for worshiping other gods, idols and idols, for example, when they worshiped a calf in the desert after the exodus from Egypt (Exodus Old Testament) or when worshiping an idol, in the first case, like half of the people were destroyed, in the second, snakes were sent and a third died, just as I will answer you, I read for a long time, and so on for almost the entire Old Testament, then twenty years in slavery to the Amonites, then to Babylon, etc. At the same time, when they returned and repented, God brought them out, gave them numerous victories, stopped time, even if there is such a case, gave them superpowers( Samson-the Book of Judges ) but for fornication, debauchery, idolatry, and other sins, there were very, very severe punishments,

    Why He did not appear to other nations, unfortunately, the Bible does not describe exactly, all the manifestations of God in other tribes were through the Israelites, Already in the New Testament, when the spread of the Christian gospel began, but usually these were no longer miracles, although many cases of miracles are described in the New Testament, namely by means of preaching and prayer.

    Unfortunately, I wrote you an answer in 1400 characters and never really answered your question.

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