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  1. To create new souls. Created in the image and likeness of God, man as a species is destined for the multiplication of new souls through procreation, and man as a person is destined for deification.

  2. People for exam preparation appeared. And soon there will definitely be an exam about this one . Then who will be iyman and taqwa that will be quietly protected.

  3. If the person didn't show up, then there wouldn't be this question either. The realization of man by man came only after the violation of the prohibition of God, and by Eve… The realization that we live on the planet Earth also came with a person… My opinion: the development of universal energy and information connections that are not clear to us… Can we comprehend them? Not in this lifetime.

  4. Why is it not interesting at all, but how? Come on, not a person, how life came to be in general There is not a single clear explanation, not to mention the repetition of at least some part of the evaluation path in the laboratory. Let's understand how, and maybe answer the question – why.

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