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  1. Do you think that the source of light can only be stars?

    For example, we take one of the main modern theories – the Big Bang theory: wikipedia.org (the chronology will be correct in the part we are interested in and for other models)

    13.7 billion rubles.years ago:

    “The universe is filled with quark-gluon plasmas, leptons, photons, W-and Z-bosons, and Higgs bosons. Supersymmetry violation.”

    Did you notice? Photons. And the stars will appear only in 1 billion years, see the table of events at the link.:)

    So light, whether we are believers or non-believers, certainly appeared long before the Sun, moon and stars.

  2. I am a person far from religion, but if you look at the original source, that is, the Bible, you can assume that God is some kind of primordial super-substance, containing all the energy and fundamental particles. This means that it initially emitted light.
    If we turn to the theory of quantum fluctuation, it can be explained as: “something made something move.” The result is a Big Bang.
    So God created light by a single decision of His will. And the sun and other luminaries appeared much later.
    Note that the earth already appeared on the first day of creation.

  3. the authors made an attempt to refute the divine creation of the world, but due to their incompetence, they did not understand that there are theories, one of which is the theory of the creation of the world, which can neither be refuted nor proved. The authors did point out the contradiction that exists in the arguments of theologians, but the latter can justify their statement by saying that there is no light in nature. in nature, there is only electromagnetic radiation, which does not have the property of luminescence. EM radiation is converted to light only in the eye. Now find a way to prove that the eye was not created by the Almighty!!!

    Tip: if you are capable of thinking, then do not waste your time, because

    it is very limited to the “supreme”.

  4. In my opinion, the very concept of “light” can be interpreted in different ways and in different, as they say, substances.

    For example, the physicist treats “light” as electromagnetic vibrations, and the philosopher, perhaps, as a stream of knowledge, and the theosophist, perhaps, as a stream of “consciousness”, but the geographer – as parts of “light” or the entire surface of the globe.

    Unfortunately, I do not know how the Bible interprets/concretizes the concept of “light” – perhaps in it just “light” is not electromagnetic vibrations, but just has a philosophical, or rather divine meaning.

  5. Make a conclusion, you are being led astray by the religion that you worship.

    Not quite on the topic of course I answer, well, be realistic at least sometimes. Time will tell the creator, or it will give 100% confirmation that will destroy all religions to dust for each person.

    Just think about how much you limit yourself, how much you miss out on because of false beliefs.

    This is a collection of words on how to behave so that everything does not collapse.

    Act fairly, learn to respect, and most importantly understand opinions. Each of us is convinced that we are right.Don't be silly, and enough of these invisible frames.

  6. The sun and moon already existed at the beginning of the creative periods. The planet at the beginning of these periods is described as follows:” The earth was shapeless and empty, and on the surface of the deep water was darkness ” Gen 1: 2 NM. This does not mean that there was no sun or moon. This corresponds to everyone's favorite wiki where it says: “Most of the material ended up in the gravitational center of the collapse, followed by the formation of a sun — star. The matter that did not fall into the center formed a protoplanetary disk rotating around it, from which LATER (my italics) planets, their satellites, asteroids and other small bodies of the Solar system were formed.” Thank you, of course, to all the researchers for their work, it helps a lot to understand the Bible!

    So, the stars were not visible from the SURFACE of the EARTH – and I do not know why. Perhaps because of something that prevented the light from entering. And what it is, science can answer-if it wants to.

    And on the fourth day they became visible.

    The light that appeared earlier was diffuse. There is light, but no source is visible Gen 1: 3.

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