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  1. It depends on what kind of people we are talking about.

    Projects of this level can be accepted by those in power (I hope you understand what kind of people we are talking about), and they are quite satisfied with the current state of affairs, they have already built their project and they have all the levers to manage the state of affairs. What is the point for them to change the structure of resource allocation where they already occupy a dominant position, what is proposed in the Venus project such people will not want to harm themselves, and ordinary people do not have a serious chance of doing so. Serious changes in the world order are possible only after serious changes in the mass consciousness of society, and this process is also managed and controlled 😉 But I want to believe that everything will happen naturally and evolutionarily.

  2. I read the answers listed above and just see those people who start from their values. At the same time, we did not fully get acquainted with the lectures of Jacques Fresco. I see the phrases “utopia”, “human nature”, the authors do not even delve into the meaning, not knowing the referents of these words use them. The authors of the above comments either have not read the “Venus Project” or hold on to the old values. The project is 99.9% real. Who believes that it is unreal only the one who will not participate in its creation.

  3. I fully read and got acquainted with the Venus Project, and I had enough life experience to understand everything that Jacques Fresco and Roxanne Meadows talked about, if someone could read and get well acquainted with this project, then I think many questions would disappear, the whole irony is that there are people who are so used to the current system that they do not see it from “god” is waiting for help and for thousands of years “god” has not helped us and will not help us, because we are responsible for our own problems and troubles, and Jacques Fresco is right that the Venus project cannot be launched until people's consciousness changes, until we see the whole usherbnost of our world, for example, it is also funny to me that we see that our politicians whom we “chose to post” respond to our letters and requests to improve our social life, or for example, for all 20 years living in Russia, great and good for those who happen to find themselves in an environment where they have a successful life and they have the means to live, but what if you were born into a family of starving people in Africa? is this your fault? no, it is the environment that affects who you will become and not the fact that you were born a genius or “god loves you more than others” and correctly said Jacques Fresco, we are very quickly and rapidly rolling towards self-destruction, because this time the world war will not end with winners, because there will be no such people, 3 days and the end of humanity and the planet, the system destroys itself, and therefore the Venus Project is a chance for us, our barrier to peace and harmony of existence with each other is our thinking, and while we think within the framework of the old system, we will destroy ourselves, because our actions and thinking have a local effect, and the 21st century, 2019 is proof of this, we have almost reached the moment when a local conflict is about to begin between countries such as the United States, Russia and China, and the reason is a lack of resources, and everyone wants to grab it for themselves, but at the same time one is full and the other is dying from lack of resources, in this situation peace is impossible, but when all resources are recognized as common human property and artificial borders are removed, then most of our problems can be solved, for those who do not understand what I am writing about, do not judge me harshly, read or watch movies with Jacques Fresco, it is better to get acquainted completely with the venus project with its films, I think there will be no questions left if you get 100% acquainted with the project.

  4. Like any other utopian project that existed before or will appear after the “Venus Project”, it describes a society consisting of personally sterile people, free from the” negative “aspects of human nature, which allows (in theory) to create a” fair ” society. Well, these utopian fairy tales are read by real people, with all their passions, harmful drives, inexplicable desires, thirst for money, power and entertainment. With everything that makes them human, and not mental clones of the author of another utopia. Therefore, most people are not interested in such fairy tales. And those who would like to learn and understand something about the project are invited to follow the above link to get acquainted with the answers to 108 (!) questions, which are slightly less than completely “water” – lengthy arguments about the “happiness of humanity” and general primitive sketches of benefit distribution schemes. It's always fun to read the reasoning of people who know exactly what humanity needs and doesn't need.

  5. Pochmmu ALL VENERISTS NEED to be THROWN out of here for obscurantism (we have a democracy here, read zaminusovat)? Now I will give an excerpt of their main arguments. No edits, the context has not been changed:

    [Warning: if your knowledge of economics can't handle the phrase ” why don't bankers print their own money and live off it?” – this is not for you, not your profile, sorry.]

    “Among other things, the existence of the monetary and banking systems allows the formula to exist:

    Z = X + Y,

    where X is the existing money,

    Y – money with interest to be paid to the debtor.

    Y – money that must be printed, because it does not exist in reality, since it is not provided with real material values. And also Y is indirect slavery. Loans provoke inflation. Banks that have money do not give them free of charge, but use them for their own carefree life. At the same time, creating a deficit, and other economic constraints devalue labor and contribute to higher prices. In fact, the credit and banking system is a financial pyramid, the result of which is a complete collapse and crisis. Judging by the current trends: the difficult financial situation in the Euro zone, the growth of America's national debt, which is constantly patching up financial holes with injections of the reserve system, and on the other hand, Chinese cheap products and waves of crises are a direct consequence of these destructive processes.

    It was on the basis of such crises that the Zeitgeist movement with films of the same name grew up. In these films, the essence of the concept of the US Federal Reserve System, the brainchild of which is a credit and banking system that shows its inhumanity, is completely explained. The author of the film considers the monetary system to be a great deception.”

    Taken from here http://www.13min.ru/kultura/proekt-venera-zhaka-fresko.html

    They are still in the Spirit of the times completely zashkvaril themselves, and even want to be attributed to science in some sideways way.

    Economists may start to fall under the table. Everything is perfect here, and the damned banks with “printed money”, and the US National debt, and the decaying West, and the deficit, the pyramid, the crisis, the collapse, the coffin, the cemetery.

    They're trying to create a whole society there, aren't they? We are waiting for sociologists, psychologists, political scientists, engineers, uranists, etc. to find the same pearls in their fields in this swamp.

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