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  1. I think there are no such statistics. That it is the good and the best who leave so early. It is simply the lack of such people that we feel most acutely and painfully. We don't have enough of them. We remember them and come back to them. Therefore, they remain in our memory.

  2. Because the kindest and best are needed everywhere, and not only in this world, therefore, in order to stay longer in this world, you need to be the most evil and the worst, and this will ensure a long and happy life…))))

  3. The question is not entirely true, but people are always ready to make mistakes. “…we get a life when the time comes, and we lose it when the time is up. So submit to time, do not resist the passing, and then neither joy nor sorrow will touch you.” This is what the ancients called ” freeing oneself from bondage.” With respect.

  4. This is neither! Only those who have to leave leave, regardless of their views,aspirations, etc..Just everyone is beautiful in their own way,and that leaves only a good memory!

  5. First of all, not the most kind and not the best, as if someone selects them, and not always kind and best. Different people die among young people. Most likely, when a talented, peaceful person or a person who has not had time to tarnish himself with something loud dies, he may be perceived as kind or better. Q: Why is it so early? this is already a question caused by a sense of injustice, people believe that dying early is not normal, and old is the norm. But is the death of a person even fair? Generally speaking. What is the meaning of a person's life, only to be born one day to enjoy half of life and then suffer and die? Everyone wants to live, both young and old, and this desire was laid down in us by God. The Bible says, ” He put eternity in the hearts of men.”:

    “He made everything beautiful in his time. Even though (he has put eternity in people's hearts), they will never be able to comprehend all the works that the true God does, from beginning to end” (Ecclesiastes 3:11).

    This raises another question: why do people die at all if God intended them to live on earth forever? and really dying leave this world go to another? Would you like to know the answer from the Bible?

  6. There are no such people who would be “the kindest and best”. There have never been any, and there never will be.

    All people, without exception, carry in a reasonable balance within themselves the polar contradictory qualities of character and external activity.

    In the same situation and with the same people-a person will show good qualities. And in another case, he will be angry-irritated and some people will consider the results of his behavior evil.

    The best” is generally a strange definition.. What are the best ones? Better than who exactly? Better in what way? What are the best ones for? Who are the best ones for?

    There are no perfect people. Everyone has sins, vices, and vulnerabilities. All. That is, there are no “best” ones.

    Of course, someone can be called “the best” to please the market, but in reality – and in this supposedly good-the best person will still be full of flaws.

    The “kindest best” don't always leave early. Sometimes they leave early sometimes they don't leave early.

    The same goes for”evil and the worst”. Someone leaves early, someone leaves late.

    Conclusions about “early departures” are far-fetched.

  7. because they have principles, so they die following them. Beliefs. For them, all this is not an empty phrase.
    Pride, honor, altruism, courage – the best traits of people are also the cause of their deaths.

  8. This, sometimes, only seems, but there is still some explanation for this case.
    The material world in which we live has four most basic problems directly related to life: birth, old age, illness, and death.
    At the moment of birth, we are completely helpless and completely dependent on others, during illness we are often partially helpless and also dependent on others, during old age we are also partially, and sometimes completely helpless, and specifically dependent on others… In the eighth chapter of the Bhagavad-gita, it is stated (Bg 8.6):”O son of Kunti, whatever state of existence one remembers when leaving the body, that state will be attained in the next life.” And if a person during his life behaved like the last bastard, then exactly such, bastard, thoughts he will have at the moment of his death, so he will be born again as a bastard.
    There is such a thing as “karma”. This word is neither good nor bad. It's just a term that translates to “activity”. But the activity, in turn, can be good, or it can be bad. So, there is a rule of this material world, which is connected with karma: good activity necessarily has good consequences, bad activity necessarily has bad consequences. Yes, it's not a fact that there will be consequences right away, but what they will be is a reality.
    Now about the good and bad people. It may well happen that this good person was placed here just so that by his actions he would show the people around him how to live here, in this material world. And when the term of his stay here ends, the surrounding people are very sorry for the departure of this good person. And a bad person is haunted all his life by the bad consequences of his bad actions that he has committed in his past lives, this is superimposed on the bad consequences of his bad actions that he has committed in this life, here are the manifestations of the four main problems that I have already mentioned, so on top are three additional global problems to those four: problems related to Therefore, the situation of the longest life of the last bastard is explained by the fact that according to the rules, he must fully feel everything that he once did to someone somewhere, i.e. the consequences. And since there were obviously a lot of bad actions, then there are also a lot of consequences, and it clearly takes a lot of time to work them out. Therefore, most often bad people poison the lives of people around them with their stay for a long time.

  9. God needs them as much as we do. God takes a person from a religious point of view at the best moment of his life, for his own salvation. In general, words of comfort in this case, of course, can not be found…. It hurts. But the pain is dulled. This is verified. You need to suffer, from a religious point of view, for your own good. Hold on, don't despair… Live and do not lose heart at least for the sake of the memory of your loved ones. Believe me, if there is a God and there is an afterlife, they look at you and are saddened by your tears and rejoice in your success….

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