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  1. There are a lot of people on earth, and each of them has his own idea of what is good and what is bad, so it is necessary to create a certain average border that everyone will adhere to, otherwise the world would inevitably plunge into chaos. I said this mostly about criminal laws. As for civil law, this is done solely for the purpose of protecting a decent buyer/ seller/ lender from adverse consequences: this is all historical experience. Vasya gave Petya grain for a while, on the condition that the second one would return it in a month, but he took it and did not return it. Others paid attention to the situation with Vasya and decided that they did not want such a situation in their lives. The law is constantly changing and evolving: new relationships create new experiences that require new forms of protection.

  2. It is not entirely clear what the author meant by the term “law” – there are laws in the sense that we understand (that is, adopted by the state), there are moral, religious laws, etc., but in general they have the same goal (see below).

    A law adopted by the state is a set of certain rules of conduct that are generally binding, adopted by a legitimate state authority in a special order and apply to certain public relations.

    The moral law is a certain idea accepted in society about such categories as bad, good, good, evil, and, in fact, the rules of behavior that follow from these ideas.

    In other words, any law, regardless of which one, is a rule of conduct. That is, the law has the main function of regulating public relations, determining a certain situation and prescribing how to behave in this situation.

    Our society is essentially made up of these very relationships, it is dynamic. Each of us interacts constantly with other people (we use public transport, go to the grocery store, communicate with family and friends, go to work, etc.). And in order for this interaction not to be chaotic, so that each of us knows our rights and obligations, understands how to behave, how to act in a particular situation, and laws are needed.

    For example, a person is hired. The entire recruitment process is regulated by a law such as the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, which sets out the rights and obligations of each party to the relationship that arises in this case – labor. Thanks to the law, a person knows that if he is not paid wages, he has the right to apply to a court whose work is also regulated by laws, for example, the Civil Procedure Code of the Russian Federation, or to other instances, the procedure for applying to which and whose work is again regulated by laws.

    A man comes to the store for bread. In this case, there is a purchase and sale, which is also regulated by law – the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

    A man walks down the street and sees an old grandmother fall to the ground, tripping her foot on the curb. According to the laws of morality adopted in society, it is worth helping this grandmother to rise.

    Based on the above, I will say that in my opinion, the purpose of the law (any) is to establish order in society in order to avoid chaos and arbitrariness, as well as to protect human rights. The absence of laws will create a situation in which people will act as they want, and it is not difficult to imagine what will happen in this case.

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