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  1. An adequate answer to this question is difficult for many ordinary people to accept. Yes, disco disco is right – there is no God, so to expect any reaction “from above” to such events is in vain. Actually, the lack of God's response to the Holocaust, the Great Terror, or Squad 731 (the list goes on indefinitely) is one of the most obvious arguments for atheism, no matter how religious philosophers try to call black and white

  2. because he is not there, he is a reflection of expectations from his mother that were not received in the family, and all the trials are family scenarios in action, the person himself reproduces something from the family, because he cannot imagine anything else, does not know how to live differently and does not want to, although he says what he wants, does not do anything – a slave.

  3. It would be more correct to ask why God does not interfere? Why do millions of people pray during war, for example, but the killing continues? Why, why, why?

    And why should God eat porridge that people have cooked? Didn't He tell us not to kill each other? Don't all people know this commandment?

    The World War is a terrible calamity for nations. Did God start it? But here's what's interesting: all of humanity has come to realize how scary it is when one person considers himself better than another (Nazism, racism, anti-Semitism, etc.).

    God is the Teacher of people. It's a pity that not everyone understands this.

    Natural disasters are another matter. And here we, the people, must understand: we are entrusted with the management of the planet, but what do we do with it, how do we manage our resources? How do we relate to nature?

    The Bible explains that all of creation suffers because of Adam's mistake. But there is a way out – to continue to trust God and respect each other. But perhaps the most important thing is to listen to the voice of God and learn to live with Him.

    So Christians study the Bible and pray to the Creator. God is with us in the midst of all these calamities, He has not abandoned humanity, but continues to help, teach, and educate his lost children.

  4. I don't believe in a bearded old man sitting around directing our actions. I have a lot of contradictory things in my head and I can't find any answers to the questions. Even if we do not know God, we must keep the commandments, even if they are made up by wise people, because when you come to the end of your journey, you will take with you all the sins that are written on the tablets of your conscience. Believe me! I've been living a lot for a long time, and I can tell you that.

  5. Why It is assumed that He is silent. Everything is written in the Bible,it has all the answers to all the questions. It describes why everything is happening now,how it started, and what will happen next. What He expects from us and what He intends to do to change the lives of people on earth for the better. His son, Jesus Christ, the heavenly King, is now busy informing humanity of these changes:

    “And this gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in all the world for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come” (Mt 24: 14).

  6. What makes you think he doesn't say anything? Is he supposed to shout into your mouthpiece? You, after all, Kondraty, will be enough if this happens. And the Lord knows it. You'll think you're crazy, but you still won't believe.

    Are you not satisfied with the multitude of holy scriptures? They all have the same essence. Read it. Understand them. Begin to live according to the laws of God. Clear yourself. At least start trying to live according to the laws of the Lord. Start keeping the commandments. All the commandments, not just the ones that are currently convenient for you! You are clearly told: “Thou shalt not kill!” And you kill animals and eat their flesh. What for? Because everyone does? Maybe that's why everyone lives like this?�

    The Lord created an ideal system of causal relationships. Have you heard about karma? You have everything you need to hear it. Only for this you need to work hard.�

    As it is, we sit around drinking wine, eating steak, lighting a cigarette, and asking: “God, why don't you talk to me? I feel so bad!” Why the hell did he need us like that? After all, we have violated and are violating all possible rules and regulations.�

    He's said it all a long time ago, and he has nothing to add.

  7. Only Christianity can answer this question, and in the following way: “God is on the cross at this time.” God was crucified and resurrected after the crucifixion. And thus God the Father foretold the way of man. The purpose of man is to overcome the chaos of life and bear his cross. Jesus Christ said: “Take up your cross, follow me.”

    Everything in this world that is not of this world resists the transformation of the world: matter, chaos, and all worldly forces. And the more a person overcomes, the heavier is the burden of the cross. And the one who accepts his cross fulfills the purpose for which his soul was sent to this world. And a person who fulfills a heavenly purpose on Earth is approaching resurrection. God died on the cross and three days later rose again and ascended to heaven, thereby predicting the way for man.

    In God the creator, people are the fingers on his right hand, which is lowered into the world's flesh for its transformation. Every person's pain is God's pain. At this time on the cross, God experiences everyone's pain. And the more a person takes on the weight of the cross, the closer he is to God, and God is to him, this is the Christian interpretation.

    It can be likened to the fact that when a person is in the womb, he experiences suffering at the moment of birth – the transition to a new world. More than half of his being dies in this case: the umbilical cord, intrauterine water pours out, and the person inhales air, it's like he inhales fiery lava-an extraordinary pain. The old dies, and a new being is born. What it will be and what a person gets depends on how much the person has borne his cross.

  8. According to the Christian faith, the meaning of earthly life is preparation for eternity. And in order to prepare properly, a person should cultivate certain qualities: courage, patience, willpower, the ability to humble oneself, the ability to be compassionate, etc. And how can you learn all this if you live in a sterile environment? That is why sorrows are sent down.

  9. Here the counter-question is: “Do you really want an answer?” So often people are indignant, they say there are so many horrors around, and your God is silent. Have you ever tried to imagine a world in which God would immediately stop any action, manifestation, or even thought that displeases Him? Adolf in the river to drown (not, well, it is clear, terrible things Adolf does), in Andrey Palych to shoot lightning (he is a pedophile), Svetka will be killed by dogs (drunk children are beaten like a madwoman), etc. Where's the edge, eh? Then there is also Fedor (he stole a part from the factory) and any of us! Because everyone sins. And it's stupid to measure who has more sin-less, it is.
    This is where God's love manifests itself – in the freedom of choice that we are given. Choose which side to be on, with or without God.
    Only freedom of choice goes hand in hand with responsibility for choice. Therefore, do not lie, and the Holocaust, and other hell – only a consequence of human actions.
    The joy is that anyone can ask the Lord for forgiveness and start all over again

  10. Many tragedies and trials are caused by one person to another. That is, this is our personal struggle. The struggle between good and evil in people. The Lord foretold these trials on earth. God sent a Son, and He showed by His example how to resist evil. The Messiah of Israel is, as it were, God descended in the flesh. And what He established has stood for millennia. People follow the cult of power, are drawn to the “cool” – education from the films of “action movies”…. But in fact, God is the most powerful, and He calls for renouncing violence. He asks His flock to endure and preach, and when people go completely mad from impunity, and help the kingdom of Evil (Satan) to destroy Christians and Christianity, then the final Judgment will be held. There are, for example, Fatima miracles and other mysterious events. It's just that people are not up to this information, many do not look for God, and wonder why He allegedly does not manifest Himself. They don't believe me. The Lord urged us not to be afraid of those who kill the body, but are unable to do anything else.

  11. Maybe God has already taken steps to resolve the issue and passed a decision (maybe a sentence), just as some time may pass after the human judgment. At the same time, watching how someone reacts to this-someone helps the victims, not necessarily with money-morally. And someone is looking for a way to benefit from a noisy business. The one who has the source of life can repay the victims even after death, but by allowing everyone to express themselves , they will make a more complete decision.

  12. Three condemned men with their hands tied, and among them a boy, an angel with sad eyes… The three prisoners stood together on their stools. Loops were thrown around three necks at the same time. – Long live freedom! two adults shouted. But the boy was silent. “But where is God, where is He?” someone asked from behind me. At a sign from the commandant, three stools toppled over… And a voice inside me said, ” Where is he?” Why, there He is-They hanged Him on this gallows….

    Elijah Wiesel “Night”

  13. The answer depends on what you call silence. �If you mean that abruptly during the Holocaust or any other terrible ordeal for humanity, a bright light should have appeared, an outstretched hand from heaven and a loud voice crying: “Come to your senses, you fools, what are you doing!!!” “then, alas, it is impossible. Why?? Many religious sources respond to this ( a striking example, according to the Bible, is the appearance of Christ – people did not believe that he was the “son of God” and crucified him. That is, most likely, everyone would have considered his appearance a mass hallucination and would have continued their disgusting business.). Also, according to the same sources-the Lord God is all-embracing love – he cannot appear in the eyes of an ordinary person or even a saint, “because the light” coming from him will destroy “those who are not adapted to this light (we are too sinful, our souls are too “tainted”. That is why he did not even appear to the saints in his real form (remember the burning bush, three young men, etc.))

    I want to make it clear right away: I do not impose my religion, my point of view on anyone, you have the right to believe or not to believe in anything. I am simply answering the question as it was asked, according to the rules of the Christian religion.

    I believe that the Lord helped and always helps in terrible times. You say that it was terrible, terrible, that there was no help from God, he was silent. But remember that there are always, and always have been, people who help others. How many people at the risk of their own lives, because they could not do otherwise, saved thousands of people (remember the same film “Schindler's list”, shot on real events).�

    Also, don't forget that every time people overcame all this horror. With heavy losses, but we overcame them. Sometimes, making a real miracle. You say this is all people, I think yes, you are right, people, but it was not without God's help.

    The Lord works through people, he is not “silent”

    Forgive me for possible mistakes, everything was written with t9, I tried to follow the corrections, but I may have missed something.

  14. Because He created us for the test of how we will pass it.without any difficulties, we must rely only on Him .and then he will help us if we do what He has commanded.

  15. These very trials are sent to man and the people as a whole by the Providence of God precisely in order that man and the whole people may seek God. I would turn to Him out of my impotence, with an unbearable thirst for help from Him. And if God does not respond to our intense prayers for help, then it is only a matter of ourselves. You need to change yourself. First of all, change your way of thinking, and then God will definitely answer your prayer.

  16. About the silent God… I recall one case that I personally observed in reality. A 90-year-old half-witted, blind and deaf old woman with a broken hip was brought to the surgical department. Like all patients with such fractures, she was constantly lying down, she could not get up. That is, she went to the toilet under herself, in a duck, which she put for this purpose. So every time she wanted to pee, she would start yelling for them to take her to the bathroom. At the same time, she did not understand that she was in the hospital, that her leg was broken, that they could not take her to the toilet if they wanted to, because she could not walk. Nurses and roommates shouted in her ear that she should pee in the duck that was planted on her. But she didn't hear or understand. And endured to the last. And then, in the end, I still wrote in this very duck with tears of shame. With the full feeling that she had disgraced herself by peeing in public. At the same time, there was no shame in reality – every second person went to the toilet in the ward in the same way. The shame was all in her head. In reality, from the very beginning, she was in a situation of maximum care and safety. But her perception was so damaged that she didn't realize it. And so every time she peed in a duck, she would exclaim with tears: “God, I'm so ashamed! Why would I do that?!”and cried in despair.

    This is the moral – perhaps it is not the Lord who is silent, but we who are blind and deaf?

  17. He is indifferent. If God exists, what makes you think that he thinks in terms of human perception? Based on the ideas of religion, we can assume that God created not only man, but also all living things on Earth, including cockroaches even. All beings have different ways of thinking, and why should God be like a human?

    I dare say that God can think according to the laws of nature, so he doesn't feel sorry for the mouse that the owl eats. This is a law of nature. It is quite possible to build logic on the fact that God ( and he is not a bearded man on a cloud) �maybe it looks at the mass death of, say, children, but it does it with a pokerface. This is how you would look after an anthill and worry about each ant.�

    This is if we assume that this is a kind of super-being. But I don't hold that view.�

    Let's say that God is something like an Operating system on a computer, then another logic of thinking follows.�

    Consider this as my superficial reasoning.

  18. And when he (about) said anything at all, I do not know the facts except those written in the book (and then these are very, very dubious facts)

    No one seems to know)

  19. To be honest, I don't recall that “He” ever “said” anything even on blissful or at least calm days. At the very least, there is no” witnessed ” revelation that cannot be correlated with human greed, stupidity, cruelty, or lust for power.

  20. But the Lord is not silent – He speaks through His Word and through His Church, calling everyone to repentance. Another question is that many churches today are doing anything but proclaiming God's will. But those who want to hear will hear.

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