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  1. When you stop expecting “them” to start something there, and start changing the country for the better yourself. There is such a vestige of the Soviet mentality-to expect that some “they” will come and start costing you a great future. Alas, “they” don't exist. Politics is not “them”, it's YOU. This is me. These are your friends and family. This is your friend who bought your driver's license. This is your neighbor paying the child's teachers for “A's”. These are our friends who were “driven to the rally”. These are people who voted for EdRo for a bottle of beer or participated in stuffing because they “will be given a cap”.

    Therefore, the answer to the question ” Will Russia soon begin to conduct a policy “for the people”, and not against?” – when you, Ruslan, start doing it. Politics is not “them”, politics is us. Do not pay the traffic police officer on the spot, but pay through the cash register. Difficult? Then do not blame the Gulls, Serdyukovs, Medvedevs, etc. This is just the tip of the iceberg, at the bottom of which is the multi-million population of Russia. If the people were against it, the top would not steal. But people don't care. The people are used to being a slave under the “master”.

  2. It is still being conducted for people. Just not for all people. In general, since there is no policy that is equally suitable for all people in general, then happiness for everyone will never be realized in Russia or anywhere else, and so that no one leaves offended. But we will strive for it. And perhaps one day we will be among those people for whom politics will be conducted.

  3. I agree with D. Clark that “A politician thinks about the next election, a statesman thinks about the next generations”

    If you decipher it, you need to conduct state activities in the interests of the next generations, and not “politics for the people”, also known as populism.

    There are a lot of differences: populists take loans and “meet the needs”, while statesmen invest in infrastructure, science,education, health, safety and the necessary production facilities. The current generation of people certainly requires care to maximize long-term productivity in all of these areas. But all our whims and wishlist do not need to be satisfied, especially-antisocial like the legalization of drugs and prostitution.

    I hope that the policy of populism “for people” in our country will be completely replaced by far-sighted state activity for future generations. Moreover, regardless of which political classes of people are considered priority-creacles, oligarchs, officials or the proletariat. In any case, this is a destructive short-sighted policy.

    This will happen when our valiant philosophers get out of their ivory towers, stop powdering the brains of the “intelligentsia” with moral relativism, and assemble a holistic paradigm of development, not consumption, from healthy practical concepts. After that, the intelligentsia will rework all the ideological tools in this paradigm: textbooks, legislation, interpretation of cultural works, they will start creating new works in this paradigm, etc.

    Then the society will gradually develop a rejection of selfishness in any sphere-from bureaucracy to fools, from ostentatious consumption of oligarchs to kickbacks of “effective managers”.

  4. When the entire population will scrupulously and meticulously demand from the state on every item, study all their reports, go to vote, and be politically educated. Be a member of trade unions and non-profit organizations, and most importantly, be prepared to finance them. Even just 300 rubles from 1000 people is already a decent amount of money. Trust the authorities less, and achieve your goals to the end. Simply put, show civic engagement in every possible way. When it becomes fashionable among the people to have an active civic position, protect people's rights, and engage in politics. You probably heard it? What kind of people, such is the power.

    Only after all these points will our society change for the better. If the current government meets such a society and adapts to it, it has a chance to stay on the throne, even if it loses a significant part of the royal pie, if not, it will be swept away.

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