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  1. No, because I don't deal with scammers and uncontrolled counterparties

    And the devil is by definition a fraudster and I can't control the fulfillment of obligations on his part. No matter how hard I try, he can easily deceive me and not give me what he promised.

    The subject matter of the transaction itself is also somewhat questionable: it is absolutely not a fact that (if we assume the existence of a soul) the soul can be sold. In strict Christian theology, purged of the romantic flair, in which the concepts of the devil who is interested in souls are formulated, this possibility is not provided for.

  2. An old fairy tale. Many people are mistaken about whether a person has a soul and can sell it. In fact, YOU are that soul! YOU are not a body, but a soul that controls your body with your mind! So YOU can't sell your soul any more than a river can sell its water, and a house can't sell its bricks!

  3. The question is whether he would have bought it. I don't think my soul is good enough to ask for anything in return. I don't believe in the soul at all. I think that if this were a reality, then in the shower market, supply would quickly exceed demand. In a metaphorical sense, most people sell their souls, for example, choosing a well-paid job instead of the one they like, or a rich spouse instead of a love marriage. I would personally sell my soul for the knowledge. Unanswered questions, the emergence of life on Earth, a cure for cancer and AIDS, gaps in history, ideally absolute knowledge. At the same time, I am sure that my soul is definitely not worth so much. Maybe it will be enough for the list of mistresses of some deputy, no more.

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