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  1. The word “taboo “in our ordinary speech is not used in the strict ethnographic sense of” sacred prohibition, impurity, haram”, but as part of Freud's invented pair” Totem and taboo “(Freud's book of 1913), illustrating the pair” I and super-I”, and finally indirectly going back to the conflict of feeling and duty in the tragedy of the classical era. Therefore, taboo is understood not as a desecration of art, but as a failure to fulfill a duty. I would use the word “taboo” in its real sense, and I would say that it is taboo in art to write like Alexander Shilov or Nikas Safronov, because these artists profane the very principles of art, first of all, the principle of imitation and the principle of idealization.

    If we are talking about themes, then since in art the theme is not so much a thesis as a reason, then of course, violations of taboos can also become the theme of images, as well as their observance: it is enough to recall all the picturesque images of Lot with his daughters.

    By the way, Charlie Hebdo's cartoons do not belong to the sphere of humor, but to the sphere of a political pamphlet, obviously rude and obscene, the example of which can be considered some of the” Easy Conversations ” of Erasmus of Rotterdam, the letters of Martin Luther and other important documents of European culture, where the violation of habitual politeness is motivated by the very tasks of the pamphlet as a letter, the very

  2. Heh! Maybe some taboo ones (by someone) there are themes in art. But what does art care about “taboos” and “tabulators”? Taboo is in the realm of relationships between people, and art lives inside a specific, individual person. As the saying goes, “inspiration doesn't sell, but you can sell the manuscript” (well, or in this case, just don't sell it, because Khrushchev saw it and didn't like it).

  3. Freud only narrowed down fetishization and, consequently, tabooization. I agree with Max, who discovered commodity fetishism as the secret of bourgeois society. Unsanctified (sacred property right) money is tabooed

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