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  1. Dear Denis,

    I assume that in the near future, children will be taught to teach themselves in elementary school – to learn!

    Then the children will study the subjects that they are interested in under the guidance of mentors.

    And then they will engage in self-education, that is, the development of interesting activities.

    Those who are not capable of self-development will receive professions where they are required to perform a certain range of duties.

    They will move on to self-education a little later.

    All this is already happening, but on a small scale, so it is hardly noticeable.

    All reasonable things!

  2. It is impossible to know everything in detail today , because of the huge amount of scientific information. Even knowing everything in detail within the same profession is very difficult – even for the best scientists.

    It is possible and useful to know everything only about the main discoveries – in a short popular science presentation-it is optimal to read them yourself systematically-numerous publications on the Internet, popular science literature.

    Optimal self-study is a narrow specialization that allows you to achieve very good knowledge, skills, and understanding – both theoretical and tactical. On this path, you can achieve great and very great success.

  3. if something new is being discovered in science, it is not particularly relevant to the school curriculum .. school is a general secondary education, it does not have the task to teach something modern. in extreme cases, there are additional education, electives, special education – all of them expand the school curriculum to any level that a student can overcome.

    the school curriculum is built within the framework of the modern paradigm, and until the paradigm changes, then there is no point in changing the program … there are no more letters in the alphabet, as well as actions and numbers in mathematics.

    and minor changes and additions to the program such as “fundamentals of family budgeting” or “sex education” are already introduced.. although whether such modernizations are necessary is a question.

    and in the future, of course, there will be changes, but most likely in the direction of narrowing the skills obtained, and GENERAL (as a broad) education should gradually turn into NARROW (as a specialized one).

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