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  1. Every material thing (even a molecule, even a person) is unique, if only because it occupies a certain place, different from the places of other things. Accordingly, every “experience” of this unique thing is as unique as its bearer. With concreteness-similarly.

  2. Materialism is a teaching that states that matter is primary and the phenomenon of consciousness (spirit, soul) is only a consequence of material processes, or they say that consciousness is secondary.

    Idealism presupposes the opposite – the spirit represents (thinks) anything within itself, including matter and individual personal experiences, and so on.

    In my opinion, both theories can explain the uniqueness of personal experience. Because idealism (both subjective and objective) allows you to invent any entities using the main phenomenon-God. The general scheme looks like this: God thought of the thing – the thing appeared immediately. And here you can explain anything and immediately refute your explanations-welcome to scholasticism.

    As for materialism, it is soberly meager in its arsenal – there is only matter and only material processes that go on regardless of whether someone lives or not. So the ” I ” is matter and material processes. You can compare the phenomenon of our consciousness with an atmospheric cyclone, satellite photos of which we can now view. At some point, the cyclone (let's say this is Katrina in August 2005) does not exist, then the phase of its origin begins, and after some time later we can say with confidence-a cyclone over the Atlantic, its coordinates are such and such. Moreover, by the standards of the human body, this cyclone will not have clear boundaries, it will not be possible to say-here is the line where the cyclone's existence ends (and there will also be no birth point in time). Nevertheless, there will be points in space and time at which it will be possible to say with confidence that a cyclone exists here, this is its “body”. And there will be points (well, for example, the surface of the Moon, or somewhere in the Indian Ocean, where you can say for sure that this cyclone does not exist. The” death ” of this cyclone will also be gradual, and soon it will completely dissolve in the atmosphere.And it will be possible to say that in October 2005 Katrina is no longer there. As well as in April 2005, not yet.

    First of all, you can ask the question-did this cyclone exist (does it exist)? at all? If there are no borders, then maybe there is no cyclone, but simply there is wind and air temperature, there are electrostatic fields that generate an unusually large amount of lightning in this place, there are clouds of dust and even flying objects inside this phenomenon… but the phenomenon itself is not! That is, just like that, everything has become different here, and the wind speed and pressure, and even there are some reasons… here and there… but there is no cyclone itself! Break everything down and try to ignore the whole. Of course, you can behave this way, but if we need to describe something in the area of this cyclone, and even more so do something (for example, manage the life of a locality, build roads, sow and harvest bread), then we will have to point out this phenomenon in one way or another, warn about the danger of approaching, eliminate the consequences, allocate funding for this. We can give it a name, we can come up with a lot of euphemisms or conventional signs… but one way or another, we will have to label this cyclone somehow. Now the question arises – if we can't get rid of the need to point IT out, maybe it still exists? If you continue to answer no, then welcome to demagoguery – only there you can say: “something bothers me, but this is not there.”..and then everything depends on your imagination.”

    If we recognize that a phenomenon exists and can specify its temporal and spatial coordinates, then here is a reliable identifier for the uniqueness of this phenomenon.

    Our consciousness is like a cyclone – it is not a collection of individual cells or glucose dissolution processes… this is a single complex process that begins gradually, then lives for a while and gradually disappears… and it will never happen again, just like Hurricane Katrina in August 2005.

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