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  1. What will give is unpredictable. So it's better not to read it, otherwise you never know. It is written, ” A book for all and for no one.” Suddenly a new Nietzschean will appear after reading it, or worse. Holy-holy-holy. You'd better not read anything at all-no matter what happens. Play computer games, poke your nose, poke your nose-everything is safer.

  2. If such a question arises, it is better to postpone reading until the book really interests you. Reading and extracting meanings from the text you read is one of the most evolutionary skills of humanity and requires high ethics. With a consumerist mindset, you can only read instructions, not books. Only what this book is about makes sense, but you can find out by using a search engine and scrolling through the book itself. And you can scroll through it all your life, but never read it. They will only be able to tell you their personal reasons for reading the book, but this is a poor guide. Rest assured that experienced readers have been developing critical thinking for years and have read a lot of shit before developing their nose for books, and the best of them still combine shit with gold. Only a fool will eat books like buns in the school buffet, who will soon have a chip inserted into his brain with propaganda and only beneficial to the authorities literature called “the most useful”.

  3. Zarathustra-philosopher and founder of the Zoroastrian doctrine. Yes, it is difficult, but it gives an idea of the philosophical trends that existed, it enriches. Moreover, recently they began to say that Zarathustra was born on the territory of our country. Just watch this video. This is on Cape Zarathustra, at the confluence of the Kama and Chusovaya Rivers. If they hadn't built a reservoir on the Kama River, they might have found a city similar to the Chelyabinsk Arkaim near the rock. And here is the story itself.

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