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  1. And why did we appear? By the complexity of our structure, we are simpler than the Universe, especially since we are part of it. Of course, we have many answers to this question, but we know that they all have uncertainty (inaccuracy). But there is one answer among them that most accurately expresses the reason for our appearance. This answer also applies to the universe.�

    So, why did the universe appear? — Accidentally.

  2. The universe did not appear, but once again appeared. Another of an endless series of births and disappearances. The reason for these periodic manifestations is in the nature of the Root Cause.

    Randomness is the name of an unknown pattern. The structure of man is as “simple” as the structure of the universe. These are analogies: the microcosm and the macrocosm. But this philosophy is alien to materialism, which is locked in its own corner of the physical world, as in the basement of a skyscraper.

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  3. Going through the endless options of worlds to find our almost impossible, but we do not need to look for we already live in it. Since the question is about our world, about the “Universe”, the answer is obvious-Infinity may not be the same! It allows any worlds, including ours! But why did Infinity appear? Let us recall the classical connection between 0 and ꝏ. If there is one, then in the “reflection” we get another.

  4. This is a difficult question. The answer to any question implies the availability of information about this issue. There is very little information on this issue, and more importantly, it is extremely difficult to get it, and I think that in the near future it is almost impossible. Nevertheless, one of the generally accepted theories is the big bang. The universe was created as a result of the big bang. Assumptions about what happened next we have, we will not go into details. But that doesn't answer the question either. The whole problem is that we can assume development and evolution, but we can't find out the root cause yet. This applies to both the big bang (why it happened) and the theory of evolution. Darwin showed that life develops consistently, but he did not know how this process began.

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