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  1. As you have already been told, doing something like this on your own, with the help of doctors or some other traditional healers is a very thankless and meaningless task, and besides, it is really easier to finally break your age-old foundations and accept the fact that you don't need to fight what is the norm, but just the opposite, you need to fight with the wrong point of view on this problem and widespread discrimination, both at the general social level and on a personal level.
    If you are directly concerned with the topic of your question, you should refer to the history. Here it should be said that thanks to the barbaric methods of doctors, there may have been a very limited number of people who “defeated” their homosexual inclination, but often this also correlated with the fact that they did not have any sexual desire at all.�

    From the end of the 19th century to the beginning of the 20th century, attempts were made to treat homosexuals by castration. The healers of that time naively hoped that by removing the sex glands, they would permanently rid the patient of attraction to men. Some “blue” went to the operation voluntarily, others were forced. However, the results of such treatment were disappointing, the sexual orientation of homosexual eunuchs did not change, and over time, the sexual attraction faded completely to anyone.

    Then came the era of Pavlov with his most beautiful theory about conditioned reflexes, naturally, the luminaries of medicine of that time could not ignore this scientific breakthrough, and began to use Pavlov's achievements in attempts to cure homosexuality. At first, the conditional “patient” was forced to mastrubate in a dark room, but when he finally reached the climax of this action, the lights in the room abruptly turned on, and the patient saw a naked woman or her photo in front of him. It was assumed that after several such sessions, a homosexual will have a reflex to get excited by the sight of a woman's body, but the hopes were not fulfilled.

    As they say, the carrot does not work-it means you need to beat the whip, and the doctors decided to do the same. The homosexual was shown pictures of naked men, and as soon as he became aroused, he was electrocuted or given a substance that causes vomiting . Doctors sought to make the appearance of a man's body cause disgust in patients . The course of treatment was up to 20 or more sessions. The disgust was there, but it was temporary.
    In the 50s, another type of surgical treatment of “patients”appeared. But this time the doctors decided to cut not the genitals, but the brain. Performing lobotomies, surgeons, guided by their own preferences, dissected the bridge between the hemispheres of the brain, cut the hypothalamus, destroyed the structures responsible for sexual behavior. The results of such operations were several: complete loss of sexual desire, impaired coordination of movements, paralysis, vision problems, and a bunch of other byproducts of such destructive activity in relation to the brain. Since the 1970s, at the request of the medical community, such operations have been discontinued.
    After sex hormones were discovered, doctors began to use them in their treatment. But, alas, they failed here, too. Homosexuals who took large amounts of female hormones lost all sexual desire, but at the same time they suddenly began to get fat, and many of them grew breasts. Those who took male hormones, on the contrary, increased sexual activity, but they did not stop loving their own kind.

    Various schools of psychotherapy were also used for treatment, including auto-training, hypnosis, and combining all the methods described above with psychotherapy, but nothing gave a positive result, because this simply “could not be expected”, and now the scientific community understands this.

    However, in the United States, against the background of this boom in the treatment of homosexuality, the ex-gay movement even managed to emerge, which began its activity simultaneously with the recognition by the American Psychiatric Association in 1973 of the fact that homosexuality is not a disease and does not require treatment. “Former” gays fought for traditional values, called on “gay people” to go to treatment, and promoted their ideas and stories of “healing”in every possible way. They were supported, by the way, by a variety of religious organizations(well, who would doubt it) – Christians, Catholics, Mormons, Jews and Muslims. But, over time, this movement lost its relevance, or rather, failed miserably. The scientific community criticized their ideas that orientation can be changed, or, in case of failure, one should be celibate for the rest of one's life. Numerous studies by the American Psychiatric Association have shown that, to varying degrees, people who decided to trust ex-gays and “heal” only increased the number of bouts of depression, neuroses, suicidal tendencies appeared, which were often realized. Well, it all ended with the fact that the founders of the largest organization of ex-gays, Michael Busse and Gary Cooper, left it and began to live together as a same-sex couple. Then many other organizers followed their example, disbanded their organizations and apologized to the LGBT community, most of the participants who left the previous organizations became gay activists, on the contrary, ex-ex-gay movements were created that provided support to those who were more or less injured in their attempts to heal and accept a new self. Communities were created that tried to combine homosexual orientation and religion, allowing their activists to come to terms with the fact that they are gay and, at the same time, they could continue to pray to God and all that.

    So, in my opinion, at this stage of development, we should not defeat homosexuality, but excessive prejudices and stereotypical, categorical thinking that has developed in the minds of most ordinary people.This, by the way, is very relevant for Russia and many other CIS countries, as well as for the countries of the Middle(especially) and Far East. But such views are now, unfortunately, not fading away at all, but, on the contrary, are also strengthening, being part of the very “spiritual bonds” that say”We will not let depraved Pindos and Europeans into our heterosexual Russia!” . This is all the reason for the growth of intolerance, inciting hostility on sexual grounds, which in turn leads to an even greater expansion of the conflict, and in the end we come to very deplorable consequences, including suicides or murders, as in Chechnya, for example.( Ramzan Akhmatovich, I apologize in advance!).

  2. The main question is what is included in the voluminous term “homosexuality”, how much does it oppose the term “heterosexuality” and does it erase bisexuality as a phenomenon?

    Since sexual orientation is defined as a complex structure that includes attraction and arousal, behavior, and identity (in order of “importance”), it means that all forms of its expression are such: both in the direction of gender and in the degree of expression. In this case, homosexuality is defined as 1) homosexual attraction; 2) homoerotic stimuli that cause arousal; 3) homosexual (=same-sex) behavior; 4) self-determination as a homosexual man/homosexual woman, gay/lesbian. The meaning that practitioners of conversion therapy (a pseudoscientific field for “curing” homosexuality) put into the definition of homosexuality literally affects the results, distorts them and makes them unreliable.

    In some cases, the “cure” is considered to be the transition to abstinence/heterosexual behavior, if the person is initially bisexual. However, the problem is that not all “therapists” recognize bisexuality, so they consider it ” homosexuality with an admixture of attraction to women.” It is not sovereignized, it becomes dependent. In other cases, there is a weakening of the homosexual attraction, for example, during shocking and traumatic procedures (lobotomy, electric shock, etc.). And in the third cases,” cure ” is considered b / w self-determination. For example, in rural areas among the white population there are men who engage in sexual activity with men. They define themselves exclusively as heterosexual, but continue to practice same-sex coitus.

    As you can see, the main question is how to approach what homosexuality is and how bisexuality is taken into account.

  3. Certainly. For example, those who killed themselves on this basis.Or killed sexuality in general. In the vast majority of cases, it is not possible to change the orientation – it was found out a long time ago. And some incidents with a dubious interpretation may take place, but they do not prove anything.

    Confusion in the question is caused by the fact that many people confuse orientation and behavior. A person can be forced to behave differently from their orientation. And he can make himself do it. Orientation is the preferred sexual behavior in conditions of absolutely free choice (or under equal conditions). Without the pressure of society, including its learned prejudices, external circumstances, fears and concerns. Actual sexual behavior may differ from your preferred behavior for a variety of reasons. Starting from a lack of preferred partners and ending with religious dogmas and just a fear of getting hurt.

    You can change the behavior. And the mistake of many psychotherapists is that they are trying to change orientation, looking for ways to change orientation, and not ways to change behavior in an acceptable way.

  4. I haven't seen one like it in more than forty years. There were attempts, under the pressure of” public morals ” and religious prejudices common to Russian homophobic society ( at first Soviet), to make it easier for them to crawl over to the opposite camp, but they ended in nothing. This doesn't really work. I am well aware that I am about to be criticized by representatives of the “traditional religion”, but this is exactly the case.

  5. Homosexuality is not a disease to be cured or “defeated”! This is only a form of an innate hereditary program of preference for a sexual partner of the same sex as you. Homosexuality is equally common not only among humans, but also in the animal world, because apparently this genetic mutation was in the course of evolution pleitropically linked with some useful genes. If a pair of identical twins have one of them as a homosexual, the probability that the second twin will also be homo is more than 90%.
    Moreover, homosexual orientation begins to manifest itself from childhood, and does not respond to treatment.Attempts by psychologists of the last century to “treat” homosexuals often led to their suicides. So just accept it, and have fun the way nature and your genes allow you to do it. I don't see anything wrong with that. Another thing is that other people, with heterosexual innate programs of preference for a sexual partner, you may seem strange, and so on. Society and culture struggle with these manifestations of intolerance. There is a wonderful book “female sexual instinct” on the topic of innate marriage programs.

  6. They exist. I listened to a podcast on the Internet with an interview with a former lesbian. First of all, she was not born a lesbian, but became a lesbian because of severe psychological trauma after a gang rape. Secondly, being a lesbian, she suffered a lot because of her condition. Third, she was cured with the help of a competent psychologist after several years of psychotherapy.

    A person may develop various mental abnormalities in sexual behavior. If a person can begin to be attracted even to animals, then it is even easier for him to get an attraction to his own sex. This means that some homosexuals have acquired homosexuality. This means that homosexuality of this origin is curable. Congenital is unlikely to be curable at this stage, but it will be possible in the future.

  7. I think most people want to be members of society, not outcasts. After all, it's better to start a family and have children than to be like this. I agree that for many people this is a struggle with yourself. Another thing is that not everyone is capable of this. I can say that I had sadistic tendencies in my childhood(not sadomasochistic, please note. There is a difference). I liked always being successful, but I didn't want to share it with other people. At the same time, I really liked girls of a certain type(blonde with blue and green eyes). I didn't pay much attention to ordinary girls. And only when I grew up. I began to help people and my life became easier. I realized that it is better to do everything intelligently and without anger. As for doing everything well, it's a good feeling. However, sometimes people need to give in. After all, in another scenario, we will have few friends. That is, what was in childhood does not necessarily have to be in adulthood. Thus, if a guy (or girl) realizes that something is wrong. You need to change yourself. The same goes for homosexuality. If the boy understands that he likes people of the same sex. So he should go out with girls more often. It is better that they themselves invite him. Even if he does not like them, you need to buy a means for arousal. Then the penis will stand up, and there you know your business. Everything else is just a game. It is better that the girl gives birth to you, and then there will be no courts and gossip.

  8. You can “defeat” your homosexual behavior by strictly abstaining from sexual contact. It is impossible to “defeat” homosexuality.�

    Sexual orientation is an innate, unchangeable and normal trait of human organisms. It is formed in the prenatal period and is realized in puberty.�

    Even if a person stops having sex or starts forcibly having sex with people of the opposite sex, such a person will still feel homosexual (romantic or sexual – it doesn't matter) attraction, and he will not be pleasant to have sex with a person of the opposite sex.

  9. There is a theory that sexual orientation is already formed in the embryo. It is simply realized at a more conscious age.�

    In psychology, there is one classic case, the boy unsuccessfully had an operation to circumcise the foreskin, it was necessary to remove the penis, after which the doctor suggested that his life would be full of complexes and ridicule and suggested that the parents change the sex of the child, supposedly everything depends on the environment and manner of upbringing. Once a year, they were examined by the same doctor, passed a series of tests, and the boy identified himself as a girl. The scientist gained popularity on this case, and began to continue operations of this type, offering parents to independently choose the gender of the child they want to raise. But after a long period of time, after studying the fate of these children, it turned out that more than half of them were not attracted to the opposite sex, they admitted that since childhood they felt infatuated with individuals of their own sex. Some of them decided to change their gender

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