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  1. Starting a conversation with a stranger is difficult. The” status ” of a person sometimes does not even allow you to start a conversation, not to mention the beginning of a relationship or the beginning of certain actions. The most obvious move of your actions is to get him interested. And also, at the beginning of the conversation, do not say a sentence like: “Let's get acquainted.” This immediately pushes you away from starting the dialog. The best choice is to evaluate it for the better. Say any positive things in the direction of the person.�

    When it comes to talking to girls, we also don't change our actions. To say: You have very beautiful eyes, or this thing suits you. And also, if you are in a certain place. Then you can start with suggestions like “Can you trust this place?” or “Is the food here good?” and so on. I hope that I helped you in this matter 🙂

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