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  1. “Before you discuss your problems with me, decide whether you need support or a full analysis of the situation. If the latter, then be prepared for the fact that you may not like the result. Now think again. And more. Okay, I warned you.”

  2. I don't know if it's possible to use obscene language on The Question (I didn't notice a direct ban in the rules), but I'll replace one letter just in case of fire.
    My sign would say “Po#uist level 99”

  3. If all people wore ” warning signs”, what would you write on yours?

    Especially for sellers in the store: “Don't come near me until I ask you to.”

  4. I would have taken the sign down to hell. you give a protest. you give chaos. however, if everyone around is wearing signs, such actions would probably cause not only rejection by society, but also punishment. although, in fact, would anything have changed?the
    answer is delusional, which, by the way, is relevant for such a question.

  5. I would probably write: “Please, if you're stupid, don't talk to me, thank you.”

    Тратататататататататататататататататататататататататата, I shot all the young fools that have left their UNIQUE answers above..)

  6. “Please don't touch me, I have two jobs seven days a week and that's the only thing I'm interested in. Thank you for your understanding. P.S. If you have any cats or photos of them, you can show me, I love cats”

  7. “I don't want to kill you, it's just my face.”

    Well, or: “Charge water for happiness and love from a photo of my cat — 100 rubles.” Хотя Although, this is a suggestion, not a warning… But an adequate person can definitely warn about something.

  8. I recently found out that I have an expression on my face when I'm walking around the city alone or thinking or just sitting, sometimes very vividly saying don't bother me, everything is bad in my life, I'm an arrogant bitch. BUT me and my friends know that I'm sweet and kind, and that face comes from my own insecurities. By the way, this is due to the fact that no one comes to meet me!!! And the question I do not know what to answer. What should I write specifically? Maybe…. don't be afraid of me – I don't bite))

  9. When I was working at a pet store, I lost my voice one day. And I had to put a sign on myself so that people would immediately tune in and not ask again: “The cashier will talk to you in whispers.” To which one of the customers leaned over and whispered in my ear: “Is the second salesman asleep?”

  10. I would write “I don't need anything from people at all, except for love and money”(this is a quote from Pelevin's “Holy Book of the Werewolf”) Faintly sounds like a warning, but it would be)

  11. A spoiler for some “cult” TV series for teenagers, after which all interest in the plot, and indeed in the series itself, disappeared, causing anger and hysteria. My whole essence is to spoil someone's life with inconspicuous actions.

  12. How about a hot cup of tea next week?�

    I really like to meet people, but I understand that someone is avoiding new acquaintances. So people would have a choice: to approach or go about their business.

  13. Be careful, I am very loud, noisy and active. There are a lot of me. I'm very beaten up. But with me you will have a lot of unforgettable impressions and a flurry of emotions. If you are not ready for this challenge, it is better to avoid it

  14. “My appearance and my choices are none of your business. Give your fi to someone else.”

    Or “Just give me the money”

    Or, ” If I'm not interested in you,I won't talk to you. At least it's free”

  15. Oh, there are a few options here

    “He can do a lot, but he doesn't want anything”�

    “Before you say anything, please specify which cockroach is on duty”�

    “I remember all the spells from Harry Potter, but I don't remember the shopping list”

  16. Everyone would use them for their own benefit: advertising, etc., I did not write anything because I am a rather secretive person.

    And this is what I write just to type 140 characters.

  17. “I'm not sad, I'm sober. No, I won't send you. I won't even hit you. Yes, I'm friendly. And polite. I'd appreciate it if you could return my courtesy.” AND, yes, DON'T PANIC!”

  18. From the sore spot: “I'm 21. This isn't a joke.”

    Or: “I want to communicate, I am open and cheerful, and facial expression is not the main thing”


    Because I sleep always, everywhere, even if my eyes are open, I sleep. I want to sleep. Lie down in a cozy crib and type 140 characters.

  20. I would wear a sign with a written line from a song that conveys my condition or just stuck in my head. Today is “tomorrow will be worse” or “yesterday is not today”

  21. “There are devils in a quiet pool”


    Or … ” I'm easy to lose and hard to forget.” Ahahaha. This is a joke, of course.;)

    blablablabla, it's been 140 years

  22. “Yes, I can afford it.”

    Trumparamampampamp Trumpampampam Trumparamparampampam total there are three more Trumps in the answer.�



  23. “If you want to have a beer with me, just nod, no need for unnecessary words. If you want to talk to me about anything , you'd better have a beer with me.”

  24. Hell, the answer must be at least 140 characters long, and all I have to do is write four words on this wretched sign.

    “I'm drinking inside myself.”

  25. “You're beautiful” or “Smile” 🙂
    But if the sign needs to oharakterizovat me, it will be something like “Warning: in a strong likes and/or contact you can lick on the cheek.” �
    and if you are really serious, “don'T COUNT ON ME and YOU OH HOW DISAPPOINTING” or “RUN FROM ME WHILE you CAN, OTHERWISE the sweat will START to RUN I”

  26. Can it wait for a minute, I am in a middle of some calibrations…�

    _____________________ and a few more missing characters, plus what has already been said. Rules – there are rules)

  27. “Be careful, asshole! Approach at your own risk”

    One hundred and forty characters one hundred and forty characters one hundred and forty characters one hundred and forty characters

  28. “My face looks sullen, but that's only because I'm thinking about my own!”�

    The constant questions ” Hey, what's up?”,” Is something wrong?”, but in fact, when you are busy or think about something intently, the muscles of the face relax, making it somewhat “drooping” and “sad” 🙂

  29. I'm lost in myself, and I won't be back for a while. If I don't respond, pull my ear and step away. And then some text to type 140 characters, otherwise they won't publish the answer

  30. I'm a good and kind person, I just don't see any reason to smile all the time. I don't like hugs. Yes, I have an unusual appearance. I can sometimes be too critical of others. If you haven't read this, I'm sorry.

  31. Cut me a little bit of a little big piece. For the dude who came up with a rule of 140 characters in hell is prepared… there must have been something witty here

  32. If all people wore “warning signs”, what would you write on your own?

    I would write “SPENT” or “NOT WHO YOU ARE.”

    More varik “Yes, I was the one who did the porn.”

  33. Don't ask me why I'm sad (I'm not sad)
    Don't think I hate you (I just have that look on my face)
    don't show me videos of kittens (I don't like them)

  34. I have a childish temper �and if you want to meet me, you better not do it( well, if you don't like girls with a childish temper), otherwise you will break my heart.

  35. Yes, a whole set!

    “If you want to entrust me with something-with pleasure, just do not complain that I will not fulfill it”

    “Until they come up with a job where you can not work, do not disturb”

    “The author of this sign is right in everything for his beloved! It is useless to prove anything to him, prove it for yourself!”

    “I can talk about you what I want, don't you dare talk about me (otherwise I'll get upset and run away )) )”

    My credo is to aggressively promote Zen”

  36. I don't like to get acquainted, so you shouldn't approach me with these goals. But I like to watch people from the outside, and if you somehow interest me, then I will venture to approach you myself.:)

  37. [SARCASM]

    [Hi, I'm a fucking friend]

    [Speak in words, telepaths on vacation]

    [I usually argue with bad arguments, not opinions]

    [We’re clutching at straws]

    [Please keep your distance]

    [Photos I give away slowly, move me sometimes]

    [Don't think for me, just ask]

    [Down with the signs!]

  38. I suffer a lot from all sorts of curious people, especially if they distract me from work. “What are you doing?”,” What will it be? ” … Well, why doesn't anyone ask, for example: “Is there any other life in the universe other than Earth?”? The signs “Do not disturb!”, ” Do not ask anything!”. Although, who knows, maybe when they see such a sign, they will deliberately ask something?
    It also happens that they climb into the soul, teach you to live. Yes, you would have learned it yourself! And what if I'm not like everyone else, I live differently? That's fine by me. Well, yes, the signs “Do not go into the soul, there is no place for you there!”,” I do not need advice”,”Do not laugh inopportunely, I will tell you when it will be funny”.
    Also in supermarkets, the sign “Package is not needed” would be very useful. I like to buy in supermarkets (there is something to love), but if the cashier asks: “Do you need a package?” – it's just some kind of kapets! Somewhere in 90 % of cases, they ask. No, I don't need it, I have so many packages that it will last for a long time.
    And please cancel the 140-character rule. They write anything, just to keep within 140 characters. After all, it happens that you can give a short answer, but it will be complete, there is nothing more to say. Write it in the comments? But this is an answer, not a comment.

  39. “Don't poke me with a stick, I'm alive”

    And some more text for one hundred and forty characters. Help, I don't want to do this, but I don't have a choice. This is a crime, I must have a choice!

  40. At your own risk, man!
    P.S. You've been warned!
    Or from the classics:
    I'm not useless, I can still be used as a bad example!
    More from the classics:
    The response must not be less than 140 characters long

  41. I'm normal, just a face like that. The response must not be less than 140 chartsresponse must not be less than 140 chartsresponse must not be less than 140 chartsresponse must not be less than 140 characters

  42. I would go with a clean sign and a pencil tied to it, so that those who want to write on it themselves how they see me. That would be interesting!�

    P.S.: however, I would wipe with a rubber band what I didn't like… but this is between us, ok?; -))

  43. “There will never be your ad here” or something like ” do you need it? Definitely not for me .” You can say something in Latin, but it will be pathos, and not everyone will understand.

  44. “Watch out! Evil dog!”�

    I don't know what determines my choice. either comparing yourself to a dog or a fence. in any case, looking first at me and then at the sign, you can conclude that I am the same harmless poodle that guards the owner's home.

  45. “fuck you.”

    A long time ago, a wise man said to me, ” You won't get anywhere, son. This world is ruled by people with a loose tongue.”

    He couldn't even imagine that I would type 140 characters without blinking an eye.

  46. I thought about it for a long time (no), and picked up several options:

    1. “Fourteen. Pineapple. Cabbage leaf.”

    2. “You looked it up yourself(a) on this sign, so I won't play nobility with you. We'll stop and chat, go to a movie, go to a restaurant, or just sit in a room and eat sweets, and then we'll be even. You can also see how much fun it can be to talk to the first person you meet. And on your topic-I'll try to find out. God knows why you need to look at other people's signs, but if you did(a) on mine, so there is something for it.”

    3. “There's a sniper on the roof, get down!”

  47. “Looking for Sarah Connor.” Black glasses, shovel face, slow rotation of the head from left to right. This is a sign for crowded places. But seriously, “No questions asked!”

  48. If I had been given the opportunity, I would probably have had this message written in black and white on the sign.:

    “One of us is going to get hurt, jerzy.”

  49. “Who read it is a sucker”

    It's funny, isn't it?�

    140 characters, of course. I think on these signs, too, there would be a limit of 140 characters or a little more.

  50. “If you want to come up to me and talk to me, why don't you come up to me and talk to me?”
    Those are the words of Walt Whitman that I would kiss him for.

  51. Crooked, lazy but inert person who rarely says no and likes to play, but not everything is worth believing, sometimes I can lie like everyone else, in general, try it yourself, maybe you will like it.

    Heads or tails? Always tails.

    1. A tough critic.

    2. Analyst.

    3. Observer.

    4. I want to learn and I'm ready to learn.

    5. I'm ambitious.

    6. I want a leadership position.

    7. I have an authoritarian, autocratic, dominant, rigid style of behavior.

    8. I am attentive, caring, and prudent.

    9. I love freedom and independence.

    10. I like to organize, structure, organize, and catalog everything.

    11. I love clarity, precision, clarity, and concreteness.

    12. I like to solve problems.

    13. I love diplomacy, conflict management, mediation, conflict resolution, conflict management, negotiation and collaboration.

    14. I love music and dance.

    15. I am a visual artist and prefer to communicate with pictures, diagrams, diagrams, and graphs.

    16. I am bold, determined, bold and impudent.

    17. I like to take risks and I'm willing to take risks.

    18. I love honesty and integrity.

    19. I believe in myself, and I believe in you, and I believe in you and me.

    20. I am a conqueror and a hunter.

    21. I am a creative person.

  52. Oh, how depressing everyone is, how annoying people are, how hard their life is, how unpleasant it is for them to communicate with everyone and blah-blah-blah

    “Save the world, and go to***!”

  53. My face is a warning sign in itself.

    One hundred and forty, one hundred and forty, one hundred and forty, one hundred and forty, one hundred and forty, one hundred and forty, one hundred and forty

  54. As an incorrigible introvert, I would write:”I feel more comfortable if no one approaches me, but if you still decide to take this step, then you have only one minute to have time to interest me and not “torture” me”: -))))

  55. I've been thinking for a long time about how to put my dislike for intrusive people, suspicious people, individuals who believe that they are owed everything, noisy people, children, and the elderly in a couple of phrases, so just:

    “Angry, can be aggressive”

  56. “I pretend that it is not necessary to approach me, communicate, and in general that I am so completely autonomous and I don't need anyone. In fact, it really wouldn't hurt to have a little love” 😀

  57. No, I'm not sad, I have this expression on my face – thoughtful and intriguing. And no, I do not know how to get to Takogoto Takovich Street, I have topographical cretinism. And no, you can't meet me, my cat suits me perfectly.

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