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  1. Perhaps.When I do something, I immediately remember it.And no matter what I do,it's in my head.Of course, it disappears from my mind for a while,but then it reappears, which means that a connection has formed between you,which sent you a signal that this person is thinking about you at the moment.I also advise you to contact sneezer on different days of the week.It depends on what day you sneezed.If it's on Monday, write sneeze on Monday in the search box, and so on.And pay attention to the time. For example, you sneezed at 12: 20, so look at the value exactly at this time.I hope it helped.Probably for a 16-year-old girl, it's a little strange to tell, but..

  2. Scientists have proven that if a person thinks about someone all day long, it means that the person they are thinking about is also thinking about the one who is thinking… 😁😅
    To be more precise, if a girl thinks about her lover, then he also thinks about her, only if they know each other and love each other…

  3. If you often think about a person , it means that the image of this person, which you have constructed according to your expectations, is of high importance to you. Is it good or bad? It depends on your relationship with that person. If the attention in reality is mutual (determined by actions), then you are also very interesting for this person, respectively – “advice and love”.
    If you don't mean much to him, but still think about him, then you have created illusions about your relationship.

  4. I don't even know what to say and perhaps there is some truth in this and how to say it many people think that this is complete perhaps you don't just think like that and you can't get out of your head

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