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  1. Read reviews and choose books that interest you. But as far as I remember, there is no such thing, and the chronology of the Remark is: World War I-after World War I – World War II-after World War II/emigration, etc.

    The trouble is, in recent novels, the Remark begins to repeat itself and it is no longer particularly interesting to read it. I would suggest starting with “On the Western Front without changes” and immediately after reading “The Return” – these two novels of the period of the First World War/after the First World War are connected by common characters. Well, if you like it, then move on to other works.

  2. Remarque does not have any clear chronology, so I would advise you to start reading with his main novels – “Three Comrades”, “Arc de Triomphe”, “On the Western Front without Changes”, “Black Obelisk”. He was quite a prolific companion, but to be honest, not all of his books came out well.

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