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  1. Wars in the world are nothing more than a manifestation of the interspecific struggle that is absolutely necessary to ensure progress in an evolving society of people.

    Therefore, wars can be eliminated if a means or mechanism equivalent to war is found.

    So far, this has not happened.

    But there is an assumption that such a tool will be the total chipization of humanity and the beginning of managing its behavior from a single center.

    But then it will no longer be humanity.

  2. I definitely won't be bored. But in general, it is interesting that there are people who, in order not to be bored, need to kill and suffer other people)). Ideally, of course, we would like the world to be free of war and murder, but this is unlikely to be achieved in this century. And humanity will find entertainment for itself, do not worry about it.

  3. Wars will never disappear. Even if you gather the most peaceful ones and settle them separately, sooner or later “hawks”will appear among them. This comes from human biology. I don't want to fight, I don't want my grandchildren to die in wars. But humanity without wars degrades even more. If you study history, wars are the impetus for progress and development. If humans hadn't fought, they would still be gathering in the savannahs of Africa. If only they'd survived at all.

  4. Great question! I think that the answer to this question is quite banal-no. Because the world has such a huge potential for knowledge and research that it will last for centuries and millennia.

  5. Not exactly boring or joyful. It's just the way people work. And it is very difficult to change them. Two comrades served in the Military Academy. Listen carefully to the dialogues between Karjakin and Nekrasov. Maybe you'll understand something.

  6. They won't disappear, unfortunately…)The very essence of a person will not allow this to happen.We are very strange creatures…in us,good and evil, adventurism and piety perfectly coexist in close unity…love and hate…tenderness and disgusting rudeness…and so it will always be,as long as humanity itself exists.

    Yes, we are like that,we have the whole spectrum of feelings ,desires, and aspirations… and so much is mixed up that the human race, even in its golden age (if one suddenly comes), will definitely manage to get involved in some intergalactic sabantuy, which with our participation (where can we go without us?)it will certainly turn into a cool interplanetary brawl…) and che bu-u-udet…)

    Therefore, it is worth not just zealously,but VERY zealously and NECESSARILY advocating for world peace…because it will move us away from conflicts and wars, which we will sooner or later break into anyway…but it is better later, having tried to accumulate weighty arguments for the time gained, which, while blowing in their mines, will slightly dampen the ardor of those who were so lacking, are not enough now, and certainly will not be enough in the future of adrenaline from diplomatic, verbal and less bloody wars…)

    And evil…well…it'll still be there…slightly repainted, faded, from black to gray, but will not disappear and will always be the twilight that sets off the light of good…and it keeps us in suspense, not allowing us to relax and rest on our laurels…)

  7. In addition to war and crime, there are many ways to kill boredom)

    You can watch the UFC, here's a fight, intense emotions and fun. Sit in games (tanks, shooters, medieval RPGs) simulation of war for every taste-if you are really bored without it. In addition, soon vr will enter our lives and will be in every home, like a computer, here you are as if in reality you are a participant in any war.

    And so, in general, there is love, work, knowledge of scientific disciplines, cinema and theater, bars and clubs, many museums, you can travel, play sports, it's not boring.

    Why should it be boring without blood, death, fighting for oil and territory? And without it, human life is full of problems and suffering, so when all crimes disappear,it will not be any more depressing.

  8. mutual killing of each other is not a very good entertainment and pastime, so if it is boring, then you need to deal with this boredom in a completely different way, in more appropriate and reasonable ways – this is the motivation of fighters for world peace.

  9. Is it the most interesting thing when people die?
    It is much more interesting for me to know that some discovery or invention has been made, a new railway has been built, some good project has been implemented, than that someone has died.
    Is it really boring to do good things? Is it boring to read good books? Is it boring to watch good movies? And play all sorts of games, even in football, even in computer games? And extinguish the enemy (a joke of humor)… And traveling – is it boring? If you can't do it in person (you don't have the time or money, well, they are stumped), you can watch relevant TV shows or videos on the Internet.

  10. I don't even know whether to answer first or be surprised by the question first! What, are there really people for whom hearing about wars and crimes in the world is just a fascinating show that stirs the blood so much that they want it to last forever, otherwise it will be boring if you don't know that someone was killed somewhere?! Yes, I and people like me-we are zealous advocates! Because I personally, for example, will not be amused if tomorrow they show a video of you being stabbed to death in a dark alley.

  11. If all wars disappear, life will really get better. There will be no need to maintain armies, except for a small number of professional guards for kings and presidents and ceremonial troops-just “for beauty”. First, of course, the world will face a severe crisis due to the total reorientation of the military-industrial complex, but then a huge amount of money and resources will be invested in peaceful production, in science, in space exploration, in the environment, in healthcare. I think that sports will be greatly developed, for example, all-around sports, war games, something like paintball will be popular, so that people can show real competition and not kill each other: this will really be interesting and fun, and war is just dirt, pain, death, cripples, widows and orphans-there is simply nothing interesting here. And crimes don't go away as long as a person is still a person, so the police are definitely not going anywhere. You can only try to reduce their number – to minimize, for example, property motives: what is the point, for example, to steal or kill for money, if money is a virtual concept, and the basic material values are enough for everyone? But, for example, the motive of jealousy, personal hostility will not go away; maniacs, alas, will also exist until they learn how to treat them.

  12. It would be nice to divide the Land and gather separately those who like to have fun in war and from war in a separate zone, arm them to the teeth – and let them die laughing. But it's cruel.
    However, the time is not far off when it will be possible to create individual Matrices for them.

    In fact, only psychopaths can experience interest and joy in war and violence, but for some reason modern psychiatry is not too concerned with the diagnosis of such disorders. Some of these disorders are treated if they are detected in time, and some are not.
    The number of incurable psychopaths of this kind is estimated at about 2-5% of the total population.

    Personally, I and all my friends and relatives are not bored to live without war and violence , and I am glad that I have such an environment.

  13. There was once such a lousy idea that if we manage to eradicate all evil, then humanity will die of boredom, etc. But this will not happen, because people will still, in my opinion, find an excuse to start a massacre.

  14. I'm sorry, but in what place is war, killing people, rape, gas chambers, deprivation and death fun and the opposite of boredom?�

    It is unlikely that the soldiers in Syria are having fun. You can have fun without causing suffering to other people.

  15. Who says a world without war is boring? I mean, are you fucking bored? That is, when you are informed that somewhere in Syria someone was blown up by a grenade, it becomes more fun for you? And if the war starts tomorrow and someone comes and cuts off your farm, you'll probably die laughing. First of all, there are already so many problems in the world. Secondly, as long as there are TV shows and all sorts of substances in the world(tea, drugs or which are not drugs, but still drugs, do not put me in jail), I promote prohibited substances, this is bad, we have a school saying that this is bad, but they do not explain why people go for it. Who needs this war anyway?

  16. Wars will not disappear. Crimes, too. Well, if only as a result of the complete destruction of humanity, every single one of them. Otherwise, the remaining two will still find a reason to fight.

    For a long time I tried to imagine war as a remedy for boredom.

    And indeed, to restore (and sometimes re-build) cities, infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing and industry

    try to bring back to normal life people who have been in meat grinders

    ensure a decent, normal life for the disabled and crippled

    provide widows with opportunities to raise their children

    house millions of orphans (including the disabled and crippled)

    And all this against the background of the restoration of urban infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing and industry is really fun and interesting.

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