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  1. The answer is strange, but for me the mainstay in life is the fact of the existence of death.
    There's me, there's you, and someday we'll all die. This is the worst thing that can happen to us. And at the same time, our death is an inevitable event. �End station.
    And until we reach it, we need to act. Любить Love, run, act, take risks, fall, rise, tell the truth, try new things. Feel alive.�

    Otherwise, why do you actually exist?

  2. If something happens, anyone can always trust themselves. You can rely on friends/family members/colleagues in different situations, but with 100% reliability, you will only be completely honest with yourself. And even if you make a mistake and let yourself down, it will be your mistakes, the causes of which you know and the consequences of which are easier to eliminate.

    Therefore, I am my mainstay. I, what I do, think, my fears and desires.

    A human being differs from a monkey in that he can also be a person, meaning something even in history, even in the kitchen. This is a priori valuable and this value provides another support.

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